Thursday, 24 November 2016

Now That's My Kind Of Science Lesson!

This morning started early, as Teen One had to get the bus to Uni this morning, but of course the upside to that is I get more time to get myself organised before going out.
Today was of course Parent and Toddlers first thing, and we had a rather unexpected fright when we arrived...I noticed the fascia above us was hanging loose and billowing out in the gusty wind!
Not safe at all...with mums and little ones due in the hour and a busy road right outside, I was scared it would fly off and cause a terrible accident.
I called one of our elders, who came out within the hour, and had to pull it all down as the struts it was attached to were completely rotten.
So the fascia is now stacked up under the stairs...which is the area I recently cleared out!
So its a bit disheartening  it has been dumped there, as rubbish attracts rubbish, but I hope it is only temporary.
We now need to get some roofers in to sort the roof out and hope its not too expensive and that scaffolding isn't required as that always bumps up the price.
We have had a few new mums in recent weeks, and two more came today, with their tots and also newborns, which was lovely.
I asked how they had heard about us and they said "Facebook!"
We don't have a Facebook page and don't advertise anywhere, so I asked what page it was and it appears some helpful mums have put a page together of places they recommend for mums and tots.....which is lovely to be recommended....but do you think I can find it on Facebook...or Google??
I am intrigued so will ask for more details next week.
However, we are more than happy to have new mums as our numbers had started to drop a little.
I still haven't found a good use for all the oranges I bought on Monday, so thought I would use few of them in tonight's dinner.
I used to make this regularly before the Teens came along.
It's from an old Oxo recipe book, Turkey escalopes with Orange and Rosemary...
... the aroma of the oranges and rosemary ( well to be truthful I substituted with basil as I didn't have any rosemary!) as it sizzled in the pan was delicious.

I had a butternut squash in the veggie basket, that needed using up, so with our new addiction to anything Red Thai flavoured, thought I would add some of the paste whilst the squash was roasting....
...then add the other half of the tin of coconut milk I had used, to make soup for my friend earlier in the week.
Whilst on the subject of coconut milk, I do hope the saturated fats that are in it are healthy as it has 84% of the daily intake!
Having done a little online research, it seems it depends who you listen to as to whether it is good or bad!
The New York Times doesn't rate it at all....but the BBC Good Food Guide says in moderation it has many positive benefits, including help fight bacterias, so I guess like everything in life the key word is moderation
I have only started to buy it recently and managed to get it on special offer for £1, however in Morrisons on Monday it was back to its usual £1.49...a bit steep really.
When I was in Lidl's Tuesday, I had a look to see if they sell coconut milk...and they do...and only 79p!
Not only that but is has more coconut milk-water ratio
Morrisons is 63% and Lidl's is 82%
There's some useless information for you!
With the dinner finishing off in the oven and the house quiet for a short time, I made the most of the it and did the fiddly heel turning...which in actual fact isn't fiddly, but you do need to keep a tally of the rows.
My wool shop is having a Black Friday sale tomorrow, so I will pop along and see if they have pretty sock wool reduced!
Its about the only Black Friday sale you will catch me at tomorrow!
When Teen Two came home from college, he went straight out to do some bunny hugging...this little bunny certainly looks snug and happy to be in from the cold!
I could easily have sat knitting for a while longer...desperate to get the fiddly bits out of the way and onto the mesmerising "pattern appearing before your very eyes" bit, but dinner beckoned....and very tasty it was ...well so the Teens told me!
And as for the title of today's blog?
Well Teen One told me she had a science lesson today...
on the beach...
making hot chocolate!
That's definitely my kind of science lesson!

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