Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Looking Through Rose Tinted Glasses!

This morning was an early start for me.
Today was Teen One's first placement at school and I had promised to take her in.
She will have placements at various schools during the three years and today's was in the centre of town, in the middle of a large renowned council can only get better!
Today is more observing than anything, then next week she will be in for three days and assigned specific tasks.
When I arrived back home, I got on with bottling the plums I had cooked yesterday.
I always count how many plums I I know how many stones to look for....but needless to say I had forgotten will have to eat the compote very carefully!
I then peeled some more of the apples, making sauce with some of it.
I wanted to take something in to an elderly couple up the way of introducing a slightly delicate subject and thought a jar of cooked apple, which they could have with custard, might be just the thing.
They are a lovely couple who walk past my house most days and if I am out the front then they always stop for a chat.
She used to have a village of dolls houses in her front room, which she had decorated and furnished herself, mostly with hand made items.
She loved writing stories, so would write stories about the goings on in her village.
She had open days where she would provide a cup of tea and cake, read a village story, and in return left out a basket for visitors to make a donation to our local hospice.
Teen One loved going there and as a result wanted her own dolls house and intended writing her own stories too...not sure how far she got with that all those years ago!
The lady also wrote her autobiography, I bought a copy many years ago and it was hilarious!
I have re read it since and want to read it yet again soon.
Sadly, a few years ago she was diagnosed with dementia and he has had a tough old time of it.
I think things have come to a head as I haven't seen them out for a week or so, and when walking past their house last week in the early evening, I noticed the front room light was on, the curtains open and I could clearly see the bed had been brought down and a nurse was in there getting the lady ready for bed.
This was the delicate matter I wanted to remind the carers/nurses to draw the curtains in future.
When I called this morning their son, who lives out of town, answered and said dad was with the social worker, so clearly things really are moving at a pace.
I left the jar of apple and said I would call another time.
I will have to be careful of her "things" was accusing him of having affairs, any female who passed the time of day with him in recent years, was always, in her mind, "the other woman!"

Having had the privilege of living in New England, I can honestly say, there really is no place like it in the Fall.
As Hubby and I were driving up to Birmingham last weekend, we noticed how lovely our foliage was looking, here in Old England!
However, it was missing something...we realised it was the beautiful bright blue skies and sunshine, which really enhanced the amazing autumnal shades.
This morning Hubby sent a text to say the blue skies we were enjoying today were really bringing out the beauty of the trees.
As I drove into town I had to agree with him.
The colours were stunning, I really think autumn colours are my favourite, both to wear and also for home furnishings, I am always drawn to them somehow.
I do of course love other colours, but these ones just always catch my eye.
As I drove into Sainsbury's car park I noticed an amazing array of bright red leaves cascading down a wall.
How amazing I thought!
If only I had brought my camera, I could then share it with you all today.
After my business in town was finished I then took extra special note of all the beautiful trees on my journey home...they really were the best I can remember seeing them.
Oh to have brought my camera!
It was only when I arrived home that I realised something....I had my (brown) sunglasses on!
It was amazing the difference it made to the colouring of the leaves!
Talk about looking at life through rose tinted glasses!
Mind you, the colours were still amazing...but not quite as amazing as my eyes were fooled into believing!
"To everything there is a season....."

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  1. Even without the sun glasses this autumn is particularly pretty!