Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Is It Too Early For Mince Pies?

With the sun shining beautifully this morning, my first task had to be taking as much garden waste as I could to the dump.
My little Clio was packed to capacity at the back...
...and my "passenger" was as many bags as I could safely pack in the seat!
I had asked two neighbours if there was anything they wanted taking to the dump...and its just as well they didn't!
The garden has gone from what you see above....full to capacity with bush cuttings...
...to this yesterday....
....and now this today, so I feel like I am finally getting somewhere!
The bunnies are always very interested in any goings on and I had to make sure they were safely in their hutch at  one point, as I tried to load the car from the open garage.
It was pretty exhausting work and by the time I arrived home ( via The Range) I was fit for nothing but a sit down.
Having made Fred and myself a cuppa, I spent a quiet hour doing some embroidery and watching The Housing Enforcers...and feeling very thankful indeed that we own our own home and do not have to live in the terrible condition some poor souls do.
With my batteries recharged, it was time to change the beds, put some washing away and the get on with making some pastry....but just as I was weighing it all out, the door bell went...it was a friend in need of a cuppa....well I had to oblige didn't I!
Thankfully she finished off that delicious chocolate panettone, taking temptation out of my way....as the rest did indeed make it into the lunchboxes!
When my friend left, I cracked on with making chicken pie for tonight's dinner, using the left over meat from the weekend.
With the work top already mucky with pastry and flour, I thought I would make some mince pies....
...using some mincemeat I was given last year!
It had got lost in the back of the fridge and I only discovered it the other week when we had the fridge disaster.
With the first Christmas adverts on yesterday ( well first for me to see) I thought...well it really isn't too early to make mince pies is it?
I made two dozen, have frozen half and this is what is left of the other half!
But don't forget....I do have Fred around... and he was more than delighted to take a couple of my hands with his afternoon cuppa....then when Teen Two came home to the smell of freshly baked mince pies, he was drooling at the mouth.... and no doubt Hubby and Teen One will be equally delighted to have this mid week treat!


  1. Can it ever be too early for Mince Pies?

  2. I can almost smell them from here!!!!!!