Thursday, 10 November 2016

In Search Of The Rainbow

Today was Parent and Toddlers as usual ( am doing my best to drop the "Mother") and we had a dad come along for a change....we have had dads, granddads, uncles in the past, but not for a while, so it was good to see one today, making the most of being shore based for a while.
On the way home I spotted this Disney Princess kitchen out for the bin men!
I quickly pulled over, gave it a once over, and aside from a little cleaning needed, it looked fine.
Having got it home the cats were very interested in it!
Despite being left out in the overnight rain and awash with leaves and debris, I was amazed to discover it "talks!"
The story book pages talk ( something to do with Snow White's apple pie) and the hob "boils" and "sizzles."
I cant wait to see the little girls faces when I take it to Friday club tomorrow!
It has cleaned up perfectly and I am so glad I pulled over and checked it out.
This afternoon, with the chores out of the way, I sat down to give the pom pom
fuzz ball braider a go.
The instructions were just about impossible to understand...
...just what does "convex and concave bit stack  Alloy" mean?
Thank goodness for pictures!
I have to confess, even with pictures, it took several attempts to get the positioning right, but finally I got there...
...with both sides filled, and a few attempts to work out how to close it...
...the rest was easy, a nifty slot to snip round....
... and tie up in the usual way...
...then after a little trimming....ta dah...a pom pom fluff ball!!
Once the art of using the "device" has been mastered, it really is a much quicker way of making these fuzzy wonders, changing colour will also be much easier.
It is only 4pm and the sky has gone a most peculiar colour!
There is some heavy rain about to fall for I type it is starting, which must mean there is a rainbow about to develop....I am off in search of it...rainbows are always so uplifting and reminder that God always keeps His promises.

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