Friday, 18 November 2016

I'm Not A Hoarder...I Am A Collector Of Interesting Things!

Teen One didn't think her throat was quite so sore today, so made it into Uni.
I was relieved it was a little better and not a little worse.
After the usual housework, washing, shopping, I decided I wanted to tackle a small job I have been ignoring for a few months....emptying this basket of bits and bobs.
We got rid of a small chest of drawers in the living room a while back, and dumped most of the contents into this basket, intending to deal with it the next day!
Well....there always seemed to be something far more important to do than think about where to put the contents of the basket....but today, with an hour unexpectedly free  I decided I really needed to do something about the basket...and not least because I had my eye on it for storing something else!
So with all the "big things" taken out and swiftly found homes, I tipped out the rest of it and thought
it could all go straight in the bin I had better go through it all piece by piece and see what was what.
Teen One came home part way through...with the floor still in chaos, wondering what  all the rubbish was on the floor
"It's not rubbish" I said " all has a's not that your mother is a hoarder you understand....
I am a collector of interesting things!"
After all...doesn't everyone have holey stones around the house...perfect weights for crabbing lines!
We will never need to buy staples, paper clips, highlighters and the like for an eternity, and as for pieces of string ( which I believe Pooh Bear says are really useful!) well we have enough for any eventuality!
The basket is now over on the unit, holding much more useful stuff....
...and the filing cabinet is looking clear finally.
For the past year (yes this is a whole years worth) I have been saving our milk bottle tops, inspired by something FQ2FF was making (covering the tops with fabric I think)...
...making Christmas Trees!
The Friday Club kids really enjoyed making up the trees and didn't need much help at all, once they were shown to start the first line with five then use one less each time.
Next week we will decorate the trees and then cut them out.
Although we are still only mid November we only have three regular Friday's left...with  a Christmas Party and Carol Service taking up the final I didn't feel too guilty starting festive crafts so early, especially as this is a two weeker!

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