Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I Just Got Used To It Being 2016!

Well last night was probably the coldest of the winter so far, and Teen Two was so excited to see the lake at the top of our road frozen, he phoned me to tell me as he walked to college!
I really loved the fact he wanted to share that exciting news with me, isn't it great living in a day when technology allows that?
The above is a library photo, so it wasn't quite as frozen as that this morning...
...when I passed it later the ice was still just about visible, but the birds had found some water to finally settle on.
Today is of course.....a very exciting day....the day before December!
The Teens LOVE December!
It brings so many good things into our lives, treats, parties at church, get togethers at home, the end of term, meeting up with family we haven't seen for ages, and of course THE BIG DAY and the ending of the year.
Even Teen Two said " I cant believe its almost December...I just got used to it being 2016!"
Oh how I know that feeling!

I had to nip into town for a few things and saw this poncho/wrap reduced to a fiver!
I bought two on the off chance that Teen One might like one as well... and if not her then I was sure one of my friends would like it for walking out in the woods.
As it turns out Teen One took a fancy to it.
Great bargain that's for sure!
I called into Tesco on the way home to take a look at the trees, not really expecting to come out with one...but that is just what I did!
Having seen it set up, it looked really nice, much better than ones I had seen at The Range yesterday and way cheaper....just £45.
I hope the Teens will forgive me!
I don't usually make myself "proper" lunch when I am alone, but in the supermarket car park someone had dropped a pack of avocados.
Noone was insight so I couldn't reunite them, so I brought them home instead!
Toasted malted bread, with avocado and poached egg...what a decadent treat!
With a quiet afternoon ahead of me, I decided to re-do the Christmas had set...ish...
and whilst I prefer soft set, it was a little too soft, and also lacking in fruit I thought.
So I added a packet of dried apricots and let it boil away...
...its much richer in colour and I am pretty sure will set well, it made one and a half less jars than before, so has reduced considerably and that's probably all I needed to do on Monday.
I then had the syrupy mixture I had taken out of the pan on Monday, to think about using up...there was no way I was going to throw it away....but what to do with it?
I then had the bright idea of adding it to a cup of coffee....and what a revelation that was!
It was soooo delicious, I had to have another cup straight off!
I don't enjoy sugar in my coffee, but do like flavoured syrups when I am out having a Costa etc....
well why no one has thought of this one before is beyond me!
Cranberry and Orange flavoured coffee is right up there believe me.....
...or maybe don't!
I gave some to Hubby when he came home...he thought it was awful!!
And he likes sugar in his coffee, so it wasn't the sweetness he objected to, he thought the sharpness of the orange was not a good combination with the however...well you know what I think....
these two dinky bottles can be my  secret treat!
Although I might have to share them with Teen One...she thought her drink was "OK."
With only one day to go until the Advent season is upon us, it was time to put out the annual treats for the Teens....firstly the advent them each evening to count down the days till the BIG DAY....
...they are thick and fun ones this year...we bought them in Tiger.....we have long since stopped having one for the Teens to take turns as one or the other of them would get engrossed in the evening activities and forget to blow it this way if one forgets the other doesn't have to be short changed!
This  one above is Teen Two's.....
...and this is Teen One's.
Tomorrow morning will  see the other Teen Treat start...never too old for Advent Calendars!
Teen Two rang on his way home from college to say the pond was still frozen, and was it ok to stay and play with it for a while...he has always loved breaking up ice!
So, aside from a brief break to help a pensioner catch her little dog who had runaway, he spent a happy hour or so at the top of the road, breaking ice...and bringing home a souvenir!
It looked like a sheet of glass and of course could cut like glass, so I was glad he had gloves on!
We have left it by the wall and expect it to still be intact in the morning.
Tomorrow will no doubt see the boxes of deccies come down and I will as usual think to myself
"Is it really a year since we last did this!"