Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fun and Games At Church Tonight!

Today started off very normal....a cuppa in in the morning...
...roast dinner followed by.....
...Rummikub and...
...followed by a cuppa a light tea....
...then back to church again, and that's where it all was not usual!
It started with three lads coming in just before the service started, clearly out to cause trouble.
They were welcomed, Grandma was sitting near them so tried to settle them with some light chit chat, but they just started getting too loud, then when the first hymn was being sung they just started "singing" the wrong words very loudly.
All very amusing for them and nothing we haven't seen or heard before, no doubt they thought they were the first to be so "creative!"
Eventually it got beyond a joke and they were politely asked to leave, but were not having it, so Grandma went and beckoned them out of their row, which is when they started becoming very disrespectful...cue me coming in with my " you show that lady some respect" and a very cross look on my face....exit three lads!
Hubby went behind them and locked the door....from previous experience we know that all manner  of things will be thrown through the door ( downside to having a One Stop nearby  and eggs being so cheap!) all manner of foul language etc, so locking the door is the only sensible option.
About five minutes later the inevitable knocking and banging at the door started, and didn't suddenly dawned on someone that one of our regulars wasn't with us...oops...he had been locked out!
All went well for the next 15minutes until a special needs lady who comes every week decided she was going home.
She is very vulnerable and is always brought and taken I went out after her trying to persuade her back, but she wasn't having any of it and was in a real "strop" and very aggressive, so I didn't feel I could do anything but let her go.
The lady who brings her then realised so went out after her, but as she herself is over 70 I felt I ought to go and keep her company.
When we eventually caught up with her, she was persuaded to come back and have a lift home.
Sadly, after only a few yards, she flipped again and stormed off.
We didn't have any option but to let her go, but she is one of life's vulnerable folk and it didn't settle well with us, even though she has free reign to come and go from her sheltered housing, we would have preferred to get her home safely.
So, it has been real fun and games!
Back home it was time to give the boys a hair cut...and I must say, the sweep up pile difference is getting bigger and bigger!


  1. Oh dear, how awful for you all. Quite scary. Hopefully they won't come back.xxxxx

    1. it happens from time to time, then they get bored or "grow up."
      I always think its sad on a cold dark winters night they don't have a home and a family they want to be with instead of being out wandering the streets.

  2. Oh dear me dear - as you say, this sad behaviour comes and goes as they grow up and move on to fast cars etc.