Saturday, 5 November 2016

From Fig Leaves To Bay Leaves!

This morning started in the ideal way, waking up to no alarm clock, no responsibilities for the day and of course a cuppa and ginger biccie ( or two!)
With the promise of a dry day, Hubby started to tackle a job which in truth has needed doing for a few years!
A large climbing hydrangea tree has become very over grown and needed some serious pruning.
Also the fence running along side on garden wall is rotting, but before it can be replaced, the numerous bushes in front needed cutting back more than they have ever been done before!
The bunnies were very interested in the ever growing pile of new foliage arriving on the ground!
Pretty soon the pile was filling the garden and about 5' high!
Teen Two went out to cut up the big branches and bag them up ready for a dump trip
Whilst Hubby went to the dump with the car loaded up, Teen Two whittled away on one of the branches he had cut up earlier.

Whilst the boys were out working hard, I sat and watched them, armed with some needle, thread and bay leaves....
As I was sewing up the leaves, I couldn't help thinking of our first parents, Adam and Eve and the clothes they sewed for themselves.
Next up was ironing some fabric...the middle fabric is over 35years old! I bought a quarter of a metre at a lovely shop in Hampstead called the Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat as an 18yr old working as a nanny in Golders Green, I have made several things with it but amazingly enough still have a little left, I liked it all those years ago and still love it.
Sadly I cant share with you what I am would spoil the surprise at Christmas!

I then got on with making some pumpkin soup, adding lentils, onion and potato...
...pretty soon it was ready to eat...but not for now...I was saving it for later this evening.
Teen One had gone out for lunch with some friends she hadn't seen in a while, so we had our main meal lunch time instead, which was a very odd feeling!
When Teen One was home, we packed up our tea, ready to take up to a local hill, to enjoy the fireworks.
As well as the slow cooker full of soup, I took a flask of chocolate Horlicks...and some marshmallows of course.
We enjoyed our soup and hot Horlicks as the sun set and before long Teen Two's gloves were coming into their own!
They really did make some mesmerising patterns!
They were a lot of fun for sure!
The Teens are not too old for sparklers it seems!
We spent an enjoyable couple of hours, watching everyone else's fireworks for free!
Despite the hot drink and soup, it was still pretty chilly up there and I am glad to be home and in front of the fire!

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