Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fluff Ball Weaving??

Fred the Painter came this morning, promising to have finished the job by lunchtime....
...and true to his word, it was all lovely and fresh looking before midday!
He even cleaned up some areas we had  accidently marked with paint  a few years ago, when we attempted to freshen up the place with a roller!
He also painted the gate, which we had not asked him to do, but it was in dire need of doing, so we are all spic and span outside now.
If only it lasted!
I popped into town briefly, and on my return Amazon had delivered some pom pom makers I had ordered for the Friday Club kids.....I hope the instructions make more sense than the advertising!
I am going to have a play later.
After lunch I had a bit of a spring autumn clean upstairs, and tried to get to the source of a mystery smell in the bathroom, but with no success!
It smells like some sort of glue/resin and is getting stronger!
In the end it was making me cough, so I abandoned that idea, and hoped that Hubby could smell it when he comes far he hasn't noticed it and I thought maybe I was imagining it, but there is something wafting out a strange aroma for sure!
Feeling a bit frustrated that I hadn't been successful in my mission, I took pity on myself and sat down with a cuppa and some granny squares that needed the ends sewing in.
I don't mind that job, but have to be in the mood!
Today Teen One is doing her first bit of real teaching.
All the students have been assigned a table of Year 4's and have got to deliver a maths lesson.
She has two rather "lively" lads on her table, one of whom loves dinosaurs, so the extension work she has planned includes dinosaurs and she hopes it can be used to help engage him in the lesson.
Next week she and her partner will deliver a whole class lesson for the first time.
I am eager to hear how she got on.

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  1. It's looking great!! I hope that teen 1 has got on well - she is certainly taking the right approach trying to make the lesson relevant to their interests!