Friday, 4 November 2016

Fifty Days To Christmas!

This morning started way too early, thanks to the builder who is working next door, coming round at 5.30am to collect tools, and noisily packing them into his van.
Sleep just would not return so in the end I got up soon after 6am.
Once everyone was out to work/college/uni, I went round to church to collect the fly tipping I  had bagged up yesterday and went straight to the recycling centre, which for a change was very quiet.
From there I went to the nearby Hobbycraft where I was able to buy a stack of ceramic money boxes half price ....only £2.50 with paint included too.
I then had to pay a visit to the Range to exchange some LED gloves Teen Two had bought the other week, sadly they didn't work.
He had a pair of these a few Christmas's ago, but like most gloves and socks, one went missing!
Having waited what seemed like forever to get served, the pair I had picked up to exchange didn't work either... to cut a long story short, I went back to get 8 pairs ( finally picking up a whole bunch!) before we found a pair that worked...and that was from two different pairs as well!
Goodness knows what the assistant is going to do with the mountain of gloves I left behind!
Needless to say, Teen Two was delighted with his gloves and very grateful for all the hassle I had gone to.
It was then time to get the weekend shopping done....Lidl's today, I don't know why, they weren't give stuff away today, but you would have thought so, the car park was full!
I did however manage to get a space just as I was about to give up.
By this time it was raining and I was very thankful I had got the dump trip out of the way early!
For those of you who are rodent phobic...look away... I just had to smile at the gerbils, enjoying the loo roll inner together!
They can't resist shredding things and their daily treat is the inside of the loo roll.
They looked so sweet all lined up.
Teen Two had an hours play with them after college and they were pretty worn out by the time they went back into their cage.
He then felt sorry for the bunnies out in the rain ( they do have the option to be dry of course!)
and snuggled one up in his hoodie.
We really are going to miss these guys....although there is no sign of them going so maybe we will never have to say goodbye after all!
All too soon it was time to get dinner sorted, tonight was one of our favourites, roasted veggies and sausages.
I threw in some kurly kale a few minutes towards the end....yum!
Our Friday Club activity was a leaf making kit...nothing at all to do with the Bible story!
A friend had given me 18 of these little kits last year and I had kept them in a safe place waiting for the right time to do them!
Amazingly enough I remembered where I had put them too!
It will be very soon that we start Christmas crafts, so I really needed to get this one out of the way, there are no guarantees I would have remembered where they were in another years time!
The kids enjoyed doing them, it was rather like a jigsaw puzzle, some had no clue whatsoever, some just put the shapes on randomly and some persevered and made a lovely job.
A neighbour has an electronic countdown in her front window every year...and today it came out for the first time this year.....50 days to go apparently!
"Have faith in God"


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