Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady...or Four Needles!

I was not looking forward to today....I had a 9am appointment at the dentist.
Having dropped Teen One off at school, I then tried to think positive....I mean....isn't it better to live in a country where we have access to good dental health care...so we don't have to endure the agony of toothache...wouldn't anyone in the Third World want to swap places with me? Of course they would, and of course I was just being silly....and look what I saw as I turned the corner...a beautiful rainbow...and it wasn't even raining where I was!
That's got to cheer the heart hasn't it?
And a short while later, as I was approaching the dentist....a double rainbow!
I really did have a lot to be thankful for being able to visit a dentist...I really should look on these visits as a positive thing!
And I am glad to say, today it was doubly positive as I had a clean bill of health!
Phew! All that worry for nothing...now just got to build myself up to the next one in May!

Once back home, I made some soup for a family friend.
She sent a text yesterday to say she had been in hospital all week for an emergency operation to have her gall bladder removed.
Her parents and my grandparents were good friends and I like to keep up the contact, but its not easy when she works and is tied up with her own family, but I thought this was an ideal opportunity to pay her a visit.
I called into Lidl's on the way and bought some fresh bread to go with the soup and some flowers.
She was delighted to see me and we had a good couple of hours catching up, reminiscing on the old days when her parents were alive.
She is now living in their old house and is in the middle of major renovations.
The whole of the back is now one big kitchen diner ( well the shell of one) and is going to be amazing when its finished...I have kitchen envy that's for sure!
Back home again, a friend called in for a quick cuppa, then I decided to hunt for my double pointed needles.
I have said many times, I hate knitting with four needles....but this past week or so I have not only had kitchen envy...but sock envy!
Attic 24 has posted several times about her own sock making and also that of another blogger and I have to say...it has given me itchy fingers!
I knew I had some sock yarn in the attic, which came in a bag from FQ2FF, and I also thought I had another ball of the orange I had made about a decade ago.
Somewhere, there also ought to be the free pattern that came with the wool.
It was just a case of finding it all!
Well, faint heart never won fair lady....and this lady didn't give up and eventually, after much digging around in various places, I found the needles....
...and the yarn AND the pattern!
Not only that, but I found a row marker as well!
I brought it all downstairs with the intention of casting on tonight, but having just lit the woodburner...it was rather a draw and I couldn't resist sitting down in the peace and quiet, casting on the stitches.
I must admit, part way through the first row I remembered how much I hate using four needles!
But I caught sight of a sentence in the pattern which said
"the first few rows are always fiddly, however after a few it does get easier"
So after all the effort I had gone to to find it all, I thought, just take it slowly, don't be in such a rush  (because of course I am ITCHING to be on the part where the pattern starts to appear before my eyes!) and true enough...
...just half a dozen rows later, I was feeling much more relaxed, and in fact was rather irritated that I had to abandon it all to get the dinner cooked and become Taxi of Mum again.
Mind you, my tummy could do with the rest, those sharp ends don't half hurt!
It has to be said though...I need to improve on my grafting skills....I do recall giving up on it all those years ago..and if these socks are to last a bit longer I need to learn pretty quick!
So, with all this four needled craze on my mind, I have bagged up the rather mundane sewing in of ends  from my stash busting granny squares and will add them to the pile of UFO's  go back to them another time.
When I came back from collecting Teen One...look what I found in my porch!
I can only assume it's from my late neighbour's son....he is the only man who brings me flowers!
I have emailed him my thanks in the hopes it was him!
On Teen One front, her first observation went well today, lots of positive feedback and just some suggestions for the planning side.
She also learnt she has passed the English exam which is needed to continue the course.
There is a mix up on the scoring, so until she picks up her papers at the end of the week, we wont know what percentage she got.
She heard that one of her friends didn't pass and also her observation fell apart a bit when students starting throwing pencils around and refused to stop when asked.
Poor girl will be feeling pretty demoralised right now I imagine.
Tomorrow Teen One has to teach the class topic on Ancient Greeks, and the usual teacher wont be there, which means yet another supply teacher standing in and the last couple of weeks experience
has shown the class do not cope well with supply teachers...or is it the other way round?
Anyway, it's not so important as its not an observation lesson.
Teen One is spending the evening looking at how she can make the lesson more interesting.

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