Sunday, 6 November 2016

Deciphering Garden Lingo!

Today has been a very normal kind of will know the routine by now.
It started with church first thing...
...followed by a roast dinner....
...followed by a game of Rummikub ( sorry Teen lost your crown to me today!)
Then not one, but two games of Scrabble....

To ring the changes, we did a crossword together
Our lawn is in a bad way at the moment, a lot of moss, and I was interested to read this article in the People's Friend....but need to decipher it first!
In all my 53 years I have never heard of  "scarify" "springbok rake" "autumn top dressing"
Its probably why our lawn is so bad!
Oh yes...and are we really supposed to clean the lawnmower for winter storage??
We clearly are slovenly people!
An old lady passes the People's Friend on to me and I was wishing I had read this issue a bit earlier than this afternoon....these would have been great snacks for Firework night!
By the side of me all afternoon as been this little pile of sewing, but what with entertaining Grandma, kitchen duties, and a niggly headache, I haven't been in the mood...and I showed such promise yesterday!
Having braved the cold and rain for church tonight, I am glad to be home for the evening, with the woodburner keeping us toastie warm.


  1. Your fireplace looks so cosy! Did you get your woodburner from South Milton? We have one being fitted in a couple of weeks. Just wondering if it is the same model.xxxx

    1. Yep, that's right, that shop in South Moulton. Its done us proud all these years. We had to replace one of the windows when I was a little enthusiastic shutting the door once and a log cracked the glass...and the cord round the doors needs replacing regularly, but I assume that's normal. It gives out a lovely heat that's for sure. x

  2. The sewing looks interesting - mmm?