Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Daring To Break With Tradition!

This is Teen One's last week on her school placement, so my last opportunity to surprise Teen Two with a special brekkie....this time I chose the hot chocolate option with the meal deal....what a cute cup and what a happy Teen Two!
It's great to be able to start his morning off with a surprise!
I have offered to buy Teen One a drive thru brekkie on the way to school, but she hasn't taken me up on the offer yet.
Once home I made some soup to take to our family friend, and this time I added extra thai paste...at her request ( I did ask if she would like it spicier) and I have to say, it was too much for me...I hope it was ok for her!
I called into Lidl's on the way and picked up some of their brioche with roasted red pepper and cream cheese toppings....hope they enjoy them, I know we do!
When I gave her the sticky date loaf as well she said "wow... I was going to say, don't bring me soup this week, make me a cake instead, I haven't had homemade cake in ages...but thought it was too cheeky!" So needless to say she was delighted with my gift.
We managed to chat for a couple of hours without drawing breath ( no surprise to anyone who knows us!) and also catch up with what the builders have been doing in the week...its slow but steady progress.
She has told them she wants the kitchen habitable before Christmas....don't you just love it when you can give workmen ultimatums!
Not something you can give to a Hubby!
This winter I have noticed a really chilly draught coming through from the conservatory to the living room, so on my way home I called in to The Range to buy a draught excluder....this little chap will also cheer the place up...and probably the nearest I will get to owning a Radley item!
I looked round the Christmas section whilst there and was quite giddy with the choice!
So many lovely things and for every colour option!
Not that we need any decorations but its always nice to have a look.
I am trying to persuade everyone to make the switch from a real tree to an artificial one....the Teens aren't that keen and Teen Two said " you mean a fake tree??!"
Its more the ending of a tradition than the change of tree that they aren't keen on, we have traditionally chosen the tree together and they have helped carry it home since they were old enough to walk...but they are getting so expensive, it seems silly for a few weeks....not to mention the hassle real trees bring.
Dare I break with tradition I wonder!
Back home, there was just enough time to do a bit of housework before cooking dinner....smoked cod risotto....which the Teens thought look very bright and cheerful!

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  1. Although I love the smell of a real tree, its artificial all the way for me!