Thursday, 3 November 2016

Celebrating A "W" Anniversary!

Today started very early!
Teen One's car share friend is unfortunately unwell, so Teen One had to take the bus to Uni today.
A 45 minute car journey becomes a 2 hour bus trip!
Her bus left at 7am so it meant leaving home soon after 6.30am to ensure she got there in good time.
The upside to being up so early meant I got oodles done before heading off to Mother and Toddlers.
Our 86 year old  lady did the craft today and she hand made these lovely dolphins.
I love the flippers!
Before heading home, I did the final clear up of the rear of our little church hall.
This had been used as a dumping ground by the neighbouring snooker hall, I am hoping, having cleared it and had a friendly word with them, this won't happen again, especially as our local tip are now charging for certain items.
Tomorrow I will take my old car back to church and load up all the rubbish and take it to the tip.
This afternoon I was flagging after the early start and decided a sitting down job was in order!
With the sewing bug still more active than the crochet bug, it was time to get cracking with another Christmas present.
It was a pleasant hour or so.

Mid afternoon I had to collect Teen Two from college for a hospital appointment.
In recent years he has suffered with blocked ears, which initially we had to pay privately for microsuction.
Thankfully our local hospital now has someone trained to use their micro suction machine, so we are on the regular treatment list.
We were in and out very quickly, which was most unexpected and appreciated!
The main event today was....
our 23rd wedding anniversary.
We have always followed the wedding present list (Year one Paper, year 20 China etc)
but after 20 there is a five year gap, so we have been using the corresponding letter of the alphabet for the last few years.
Today therefore makes it a "W" anniversary.
Now you have to use your imagination for this one from me to Hubby!
Its "WHITE" lego cufflinks.
Teen One and I saw these adorable little Scrabble Lego pieces last week and as Hubby is a keen Scrabble player I couldn't leave them.
But what to do with them??
We had seen some Lego cufflinks at the show, and at a family wedding a few years ago the groom and best man had Lego it didn't seem such a silly idea.
I just needed to incorporate a W in there somehow...and finally thought White Lego.
Teen Two looked through his stash of Lego and came up with the perfect blocks for me.
I ordered the cufflinks findings on Ebay and ( remembering to delete all emails that came through confirming order/delivery etc) they arrived two days later.
Since he isn't going to use the cufflinks regularly I thought he deserved another making the most of the WHITE theme I bought one of his favourite chocolate bars.
Hubby's present to me was a Wicker basket and White heart.
The heart is now taking pride of place in the kitchen.
Grandma always keeps up with the "game" and, as well as the lovely cross stitched card, gave us a packet of Wispa biscuits....
...and a Waterstones gift card.
Hubby also got very clever with the wording in his card!
For a variety of reasons, tonight's dinner was proving a real pain to organise, so I finally opted for a real treat....a takeaway delivered to the door!
Believe it or not, this is a meal for two!
We all had several portions and there was still some left over!
As dinner was late we were able to enjoy eating together, another rare mid week treat!
After dinner Teen Two introduced us to an online guess who I am game
called akinator which was great fun and has got us all hooked, trying to come up with the most random person we can think of to catch the genie out!
We almost did it with Johnny Morris!
Teen One has quietly cleared away all the dinner things, whilst I have been blogging...what a good girl!
Its been a lovely family evening, one we could not have dreamt of 23 years ago today!
"Be still and know that I am God"




  1. Congratulations!!!! I still remember that phone call, all those years ago.xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Two people reminded me today of the outfit and hat they were robbed of buying!