Friday, 11 November 2016

Breakfast Cooked By A Princess!

You will remember yesterday I found this fab Disney Princess kitchen....all singing and dancing too!
Teen One loved it and I am sure wished herself back to the age when everything was pink and Disney Princessy...she did however make the comment "I think that talking could get quite annoying"
How true those words would be!
 Two or three times in the night I was aware of something waking me, but wasn't woken enough to work out what it was.
By 4.30am I knew for sure...all I had heard for the past half hour was "Snow White, your cookies smell amazing....Sleeping Beauty shall we make cakes...Lets help Snow White make dinner for the dwarves."
Then there was the sizzle sizzle sizzle, ping ping ping, whistle, whistle, whistle....
finally  I couldn't stand anymore, I crept out of bed, went downstairs to find the "off " button...which it appears  the cruel designers failed to include!
I was in no mood for hunting down a screwdriver in order to take the batteries out, so instead took the kitchen into the front room and promptly shut the door.
Only trouble was, once upstairs again, the pinging, sizzling, whistling and never ending high pitched  voices could still be heard!
There was nothing for it but to go back downstairs and leave out if for our binmen who were coming in a couple of hours hide my head under the pillow and pray sleep would come before the sun rose!
As I was trying to get to sleep, Hubby, who had been disturbed by it all, came back from the bathroom..."sorry for the noise" I said...
"The Princesses have been busy making your breakfast!"
I am happy to report there will be no such disturbances tonight, it has been safely dispatched  church and the girls LOVED it!!!
Morning finally dawned and I got cracking making some soup to take to one of my Recycled Teenagers who is unwell.
She lives by herself and has gall bladder problems, she is unable to eat any fat or is in excruciating pain.
I know she eats a lot of soup and thought as she was unwell she may not be in the mood for making it herself, so  made some veggie and lentil soup.
I have experimented in the past, with fatless scones, Yorkshire puds etc, and today thought I would try making dumplings, using egg yolk as the fat. I made a mini one to test...
...and they came out pretty good, quite light, a little eggy but what do you expect!
I also cooked up some apples as I know she enjoys stewed fruit.
I called in mid morning and she was very grateful, but wouldn't let me in as she had a nasty cough and didn't want to pass it on...I just hope she didn't catch it from me in the first place!
With the shopping trip for groceries  out of the way and the sun still shining, I thought it was time to give the car a good clean and for the first time a polish!
Whilst it is lovely to see her all shiny and new looking was hard work and I am seriously thinking of letting the supermarket guys do it next time...or at least invest in a power washer to make it easier!
I was just finishing when Hubby came home and shared the news its going to rain overnight! hour after I had finished, the friend who bought the car for me made an unexpected visit!
I was so delighted he could see I was taking could care of his generous gift, his timing was perfect!
Dinner tonight was a hurridly put together toad in the hole...which rose nicely to the occasion...and whats more, it didn't stick to the dish like to sometimes does!
The family really love this dish, but I rarely cook it for visitors as its one of those things that can be a flop despite doing everything the same as usual!
Whilst I had been busy cleaning and cooking, Teen Two had been whittling away in the garden, with a bit of bunny hugging in between.