Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blue Potatoes? Whatever Next!

Today being Sunday it was  as you know, church first thing... know the next bit...
...roast dinner followed by...
Rummikub and Scrabble of course...
...although I did manage to get in a spot of knitting... and it wasn't socks!
Although I am DESPERATE to get on with the second sock, I really really have to get something made for the new baby due soon.
Quite why a middle aged woman who has been knitting for 45 years had to unpick a simple garter stitch baby jacket, not once but twice, is beyond belief!
Milly's new sleeping place is on the wall cabinet, I have been trying to dissuade her, but today finally gave up and moved the couple of ornaments that were there, so she has more space to snuggle up...crazy cat!
Teen One and I saw these crisps reduced in Tesco the other week...and they just had to be tried!
They are made from naturally blue potatoes!
I wasn't prepared for the deep blue I must say!
I also wasn't prepared for how nice they were!
A slightly different texture to regular crisps....only slightly, but enough for me to prefer them.
They were lightly salted, which made them even better, I don't like the usual heavily salted crisps and don't bother having them  as a rule ( Pringles excluded!)
Whether I would pay the full £2 a bag is debatable...I like more for my money if I am honest, but they were certainly worth the experience and not to say the look on Grandma's face when we handed them round!
She refused to try one at first, but once she plucked up the courage was smitten as well!
I made a swiss roll first thing this morning, I couldn't make my mind up what to fill it with, ginger preserve or lemon did both! One side had ginger...
...and the other half had the lemon curd...mind you it didn't make it any easier for the family, they all had trouble deciding which side to choose!

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