Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bear With Me!

This morning started nice and slow...and with of course a cuppa and ginger biccie in bed.
Hubby and the Teens went to a young peoples Bible study last night...and look what they brought home with them...
...delicious shortbread!
A bakery passes on excess stock to a local church, who in turn use it to feed the homeless with, but occasionally even the homeless can't eat it all!
This was a really delicious shortbread I must say, even if the date was gone, it hadn't affected the quality in anyway.
During the winter months, Saturday lunch is invariably a homemade soup of one kind or another.
Last year the Teens really enjoyed butternut squash and lentil soup...Teen Two in particular really loved it.
Whilst reading this blog in the week, I took a fancy to the spiced Thai soup the blogger had made, and decided to give it a go.
It took me quite a while to track down the red Thai paste, and decided to also buy the green Thai paste,  which promised to be aromatic but without the heat....just in case the red was too hot!

However I had no need to worry, it really was delicious and will definitely be on the favourites list.
I will try the green paste another time, I am sure it will be equally as yummy but without the heat.
The afternoon was a quiet hive of activity....for me it was some Christmas crafting...
...Teen One also continued with the Christmas crafting she and Teen Two had started the other week...
before going on to make a dessert for tomorrow...
...pineapple  upside down pudding (just waiting for the mix to go on top)
We use this recipe, using pineapple and cherries instead
Teen Two indulged in some bunny hugging...
...and some online music making.
For Hubby it was an afternoon  in  a damp garden, starting to get the new fence up...which like all things proved to be rather a trial, so will have to wait for another free weekend to be finished.
Teen One needs a Harry Potter outfit for a special day at school next week, so we popped into town briefly to get a couple of items from Primark.
Once back home the Teens and I played a game of Rummikub....along with a cuddly observer!
Our local football team were playing at home today, which meant when we got back from town, parking the car was pretty difficult, but I just managed to squeeze on to the end of our road, but I was over a driveway slightly, so was keeping on eye on the situation.
Part way through the game I saw there was space outside our house, so said to the Teens...I am just going to move the car...bear with me.... when I came back, my chair had these cheeky creatures....
..and a chair full of bears....
"well you told us to bear with you"
Teen Two said as he rushed back to his seat, after zooming upstairs to bring all these down before I came back from parking the car!
He does makes me laugh!


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    1. don't get your hopes up too much on the sewing side of things!!