Monday, 14 November 2016

Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Today is of course, my Monday Recycled Teenager's day.
I gave her house a good vacuum with my Dyson today, instead of her little electric broom...which picks up barely anything and has no extension hose for getting in corners.
We then did the usual Morrisons shop...and instead of buying the traditional shaped panettone, I opted for this Christmas Tree shaped one, which was the same price and probably will be easier for serving.
Having tried it, I prefer the original one....its moister.
Whilst shopping I saw a couple of lads looking very suspicious, and had to ask one to move so I could get to the orange juice...he was just not "with it" and kept glancing back at his mate ( well I assumed it was his mate)
I was going to have a word with a member of staff, as they looked so suspicious, but I had nothing to go on, other than a hunch.
I didn't say anything and later wished I had, as I was paying for my shopping I saw two members of staff pointing out of the window at "two light fingered lads" who had made off with a lot of alcohol.
Next time I will have a quiet word for sure.
I couldn't resist these fresh cranberries...they are cheaper than last year and thought I would make our usual Cranberry sauce early.
The smell when its cooking is amazing, and really puts me in the festive mood!
After lunch we took Grandma to The Range, there were one or two bits she wanted and I reckoned that would be a good place to go.
Teen Two spent some time browsing the pets section and came back with these...
they say you are never too old to learn and today I learnt something for sure!
Having used kapok many times for stuffing knitted toys over the years,
I had no idea it was a natural substance, or that it came out of pods like this, which grew on trees!
What fun the gerbils had!
After our shopping with Grandma, Teen Two put the heater legs on for her, whilst I sorted out the smoke alarm, which had been peeping at her, then we had a cuppa and showed her how to use the TV guide using the remote she has managed for the past three years I don't know!!!
Once home it was time to put a theory to the test....both Teens had heard that cats were afraid of cucumbers!
Bizzare or what?
Only one way to find out....!
One of our cats is obsessed with the gerbils and several times every day has to be told off for sitting here watching them ( the other cat isn't bothered at all!)
Lets see how it goes shall we?

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