Friday, 25 November 2016

An Unexpected Shopping Spree!

Starting with last night...I was not a happy bunny....I realised I had misread the knitting pattern, about 4 rows back, at the dreaded heel turning!
So, nothing for it but to unpick it...the easy bit, then spend the next hour trying to get the stitches back in the right place!
This morning I unexpectedly had to take Teen One to Uni as her friend was ill.
Normally she would get the bus, but as she only had to be there for two hours and the bus journey is almost that there and back, it didn't seem good use of her time, so I took her and had an unexpected shopping spree!
With some time on my hands after the shopping, I caught up with the knitting...
...and as you can see...its actually starting to look like a sock!
With the grocery shopping in the boot, I saw a shop I hadn't seen before, "Home Bargains."
I picked up a basket as I entered, but realised before I had got half way through the first aisle, I was going to need a trolley!
I won't bore you with the entire trolley...but here are a few highlights...
...the above "chocolate spoons" with mini gingerbread men are perfect for a couple of older girls I never know what to get for....
...along with these teeny weeny gingerbread houses...
...these cans  were .....10p! I bought 10, having no idea what they would taste like, turns out Teen One and Hubby (our biggest fizzy drinks drinkers) don't think mint in fizzy is a particularly good taste!
However, I don't mind it too much so all is not lost!
I treated myself to a water bottle (£1) the design reminded me of rick nan used to use a lot of it in sewing back in the 70's
This is a disposable colour in...which I thought would be great at the Sunday School party...and only £1
Another £1 bargain was this porcelain sweetie tray, we have been tucking into the Werthers I put in the autumn sweetie dish, so the naughtiness will be going on a little longer!
Back in town I called into my local wool shop who had a Black Friday sale...and yes...its more sock yarn!
I also took advantage of the sale and bought some baby yarn....there is a baby due soon in the family, so I need to get knitting quick....very quick...its 4ply!
Whilst dinner was cooking I made a quick pan of soup for tomorrow, onion squash and carrot this time ( with the obligatory green thai paste and coconut milk of course!)
At Friday Club, it was time to decorate the Christmas trees we made last week with milk bottle tops..
we gave them a selection of glitter snow flakes, starts and shiny beads which looked a bit like fairy lights, as well as a large star  Teen One made from glitter pipe cleaners for the top of the tree...
...the kids really enjoyed filling up the lids with the decorations...
...we had planned to use more glitter pipe cleaners, as tinsel, but there wasn't enough surface area for the pipe cleaners to stick, which was a shame...however the overall effect was pretty good and I think I will continue to save the lids for next year!


  1. Home bargains is one of those dangerous shops where you can quickly fill those bags!!

    1. Maybe its as well we don't have one locally!