Monday, 21 November 2016

A Visit To The Teddy Bear Man

Today was an early start again, to get Teen One to school.
Thankfully she woke feeling a bit better, which is good as she has had to lead the class reading today and do final  planning for her first observation.
As a treat, I stopped by the drive thru McDonalds again and took Teen Two some pancakes home for breakfast...needless to say he was one happy bunny!
It was then on to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, who wasn't feeling too special today, so didn't come shopping with us.
I always take her a dinner in, so at least she only had to "ping" the meal when she was hungry.
In Morrisons today they had this big bag of oranges, marked up as "juicing oranges" for £1.07....
...25 oranges in total!
Well I can't say I often buy regular oranges...I would generally buy the easy peel ones...but all this many and so cheap! know me...I couldn't resist!
I do have one or two dinner recipes that call for oranges, so will do them this week, I then thought
Christmas crafting with oranges...that sounds tonight I will do some surfing and see what I come up with.
I am sure they will all entail cinnamon sticks...of which I am right out, so will have to source some cheaply.
In the US large bags are readily available in craft stores...I am hoping with the advent of places like Hobbycraft, I might find it easier to get them here...and there is always ebay!
We got home from shopping around midday, just as the heavens opened...what a rainstorm!
I was so glad to be inside and had no plans for going out for the rest of the afternoon.
But pretty soon the blue skies appeared ( although that was very brief as it turned out!) and I remembered the other week I picked up this packet of teddy shaped snacks...with a certain person in mind!
We have a dear friend, in his 70's, who Teen Two calls "the teddy bear man" who was recently diagnosed with cancer, when I saw these I thought of him and picked them up, thinking that one day soon we would pay him a visit.
The reason Teen Two calls him "the teddy bear man" is because he has several stories, he tells to children at church services, about teddy of Teen Two's loves!
So, with the blue skies having made an appearance, I made a spot decision to make the 12mile trip to pay him an unexpected visit, with of course Teen Two.
However, I had no idea the usual 25minute journey would take an hour and a half and even longer coming home!
The rain had caused an accident, which meant the motorway had to be closed.
So a long and slow detour later, we finally made it to the Teddy Bear man's house, who needless to say, was very surprised to see us.
Teen Two took with him the oldest Teddy Bear he owns....Fraser bear was given to him by Grandma and Grandad the day he was born.
The Teddy Bear Man was of course interested to meet Fraser and very quickly launched into a story about this little teddy on the right, who had been left in a car that was about to be crushed...thankfully his son rescued the ted and knew just who would give it a new home!
He also told us another little anecdote, about a stuffed hedgehog, which was sitting on his teddy chair.
The hedgehog was really a doorstop, destined to live on the hard floor....but The Teddy Bear Man loved him so much he decided to keep him on the comfy chair, with the other teddies...
"So you see" he said
"It doesn't matter what you are in's who you belong to that makes the difference"
A lovely thought aye.
The journey home took much longer than normal and I didn't have much time when we finally arrived home, so Teen Two did the hoovering
for me, whilst I made a quick and simple dinner ( thank goodness for Campbells condensed mushroom soup!) before collecting Teen One.
Hubby is going to have a long and slow journey home, and is going via the kind folk who get sacks of wood for us...perfect timing, we are running low and the weather is decidedly chilly!


  1. it's funny isn't it - life seems to be split into teddy bear people and non teddy bear people - I am the latter!

    1. I am pretty sure I never owned a teddy bear....but my kids have more than made up for that(and few bought by me!)