Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Little Mystery

Today we were up early to drive down to Bournemouth, an annual trek to get the Sunday school prizes.
Hubby and I have been making this journey for at least 35years and of course for the past  16-18years we have had the Teens with us, at their various stages of developments.
I have spent hours wondering round the local ELC to keep Teen Two amused whilst Hubby scoured through the bookshelves, matching books to names.
We have gone beach combing in the freezing cold, spent hours at the local water pump play area, kicked through the leaves of a nearby Country Park, but now....
...we just need to ply them with food!
A visit to Pizza Hut has become the new tradition, much easier!
Whilst we waited for the food to arrive we enjoyed a game of Uno...
... enjoying the seaview
Teen Two ordered an Oreo milkshake, which looked disturbingly like a cockroach smoothie from
"I'm A Celebrity!"
We then hit the local galleries and were mesmerised by a set of 3D paintings that appeared to move as you moved....very peculiar...and very clever!
On our way back to the car, we passed a cupcake café...with a window full of tempting delights...
which we decided we wouldn't pass by (like I said...we just need to ply them with food these days!)
It worked out cheaper to buy 6, so we went for Rocky Road, Ferrer Rocher,
Mince Pie, Battenburg, Gingerbread, Cherry Bakewell.
The worst part about this day out, is returning to the car has the most incredibly steep steps ever!
This is one third of it, by the time we get to the top our legs are like lead and we are completely out of breath!
I spent the journey to and from Bournemouth with my latest addiction with me...
the downside to knitting with DPN's in a car is its easy to drop a stitch off the end without realising!
I had got on so well with the knitting that I was pretty sure I was ready for the toe shaping...only one way to find out...try it on!
Not sure what passing motorists thought!
Part of our journey home is through the New Forest, we decided to  make a detour off the main road and drive through the Forest, in search of the famous ponies...and it didn't take long to find some...
...they are very used to visitors and it was funny to see how as soon as they heard the sound of a window being wound down, they came straight over!
Sadly we had no food for them.
This one stayed by the car for ages...we wondered if he was enjoying the heat from the bonnet maybe.
We enjoyed a quiet half hour or so, listening to the neighing and munching of the scrubland... well as the antics of this cheeky robin.
Sadly the light was fading fast on an over cast day so not ideal for capturing wildlife pictures.
We returned home to a little mystery...
yesterday I ordered a book on Ebay...I had looked at the same book on Amazon and put it in my "basket" but didn't actually pay for it, as I noticed it was going to cost me £2.99 standard postage and was fairly sure I could get it free P&P on Ebay.
I paid for the Ebay order and deleted the Amazon order.
Today this arrives!
Having checked my Amazon order history, it was not on the list...weird or what!
I must say, WHOEVER sent it, it came very quickly as I only ordered it 4pm last night!
Maybe the Ebay seller has a Prime account and buys things via Amazon, and that way doesn't have to keep stock themselves? No idea!
With a pot of tea made and the woodburner lit, its time to sit back and relax for a bit, with those scrummy cupcakes!


  1. They did look very good - hope they tasted as nice!