Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Little Light Reading

My first job this morning was to try and get as many apples  peeled and made ready for the freezer, this is how the box looked like when I started, and this is what it looked like two hours later....
...its going to be another mega peeling job tomorrow by the looks of it!
But it will be lovely to have the freezer full of scrummy apples, there are just so many things you can do with them, and at short notice too!
I must admit, I rather enjoyed my morning of daytime TV...I saw an interesting programme on a nun who tries to make a difference in communities....never seen it before but really enjoyed it, and I had forgotten how interesting Homes Under the Hammer could be...although it did take me back to post op days on the sofa....not a happy memory!
I also peeled one of the pumpkins, ready for soup making, and cooked up some plums I bought cheap the other day.....I really do love cooked fruit and thought if I am to try and stick to a diet, I need to have something around that I like, to munch on when that peckish feeling comes!
Teen One only has two exams throughout her Uni course, the rest is course work and assessments.
Her first exam was today, and anyone who fails it, gets one more go at it, then is off the course if its another fail...so no pressure!
The student who usually takes her in wasn't well, so as she only had to be in Uni for a couple of hours, I took her, and had a couple of hours wandering round the local shops.
It got a bit chilly at one point and it wasn't the most pleasant of high streets, so I headed back to the car, intending to listen to radio four and do some crochet, when I saw there was a library nearby.
So I spent a pleasant 45 mins sitting in the warm, in a comfy chair.
The first book I saw that looked vaguely interesting was Ann Widdecombe's biography, and very interesting it proved to be...I may have to go to my local one and get it out to read more!
Jesus said "I am the Way the Truth and the Life"


  1. Your freezer will be groaning with all that fruit!!

    1. I may have to take a trip round to Grandma's...I am running out of room!