Sunday, 9 October 2016

Eleven Weeks To Christmas!

Well today has been a usual sort of Sunday.
Church in the morning, followed by roast beef...
...Teen Two fancied having a go with the electric carving knife and offered to carve the beef for me
(with plenty of "revving" going on!"
The Yorkshires came out ok...we have visitors next week for lunch so whats the better they are a flop then!
This afternoon when Grandma was taking a nap, I spent a pleasant hour doing the puzzle, Grandma did some of it whilst  I was doing dinner...and I secretly was hoping she wasn't doing too much!
Shhhh...don't tell on me!
With Grandma rested from her nap, we gave her a game of Scrabble...which she won...that always makes her happy!
It was back to church again, then back home for some more time on the puzzle.
The funny thing is...its actually making me feel rather creative!
I think its looking at the homely scene of the lady sat in her chair, with knitting in hand, that is rekindling my passion...well lets see how far it goes when the puzzle is done!
I was reminded today by FQ2FF its only 11 weeks to Christmas eve...I really must get myself organised!
"Christ  Jesus came into the world to save sinners"

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