Wednesday, 12 October 2016

They Say Things Come In Three's!

Well they say things come in threes and I think today we hit number four!
Still rather frustrated at not being able to find the camera, I started the morning as usual, making a cuppa then coming into the living room for a slow wake up with the laptop.
I start by doing my daily reading online, then see what has happened family and friends wise on Facebook, check emails, thencheck what is going on in the world on the BBC website....only this morning none of that happened!
The laptop would not switch on!
My heart sank as my shoulders dropped...what a nuisance!
The laptop has been on its last legs for a couple of years, like the Clio, the battery no longer holds any charge, but all that has meant is I need to have it plugged in when I am using it, no big deal to be honest.
We did buy a new battery earlier in the year but the laptop crashed every time we switched it on, so we went back to the old one and it has worked fine.
After my initial panic that all my pictures would be lost, Hubby reassured me in a text he could access them from the hard drive.
So, I suspect he has spent his lunchtime looking for the best deal.
Thankfully I am a good saver so am able to buy a new one, but of course I don't want to pay more than I have to!
I don't want a tablet either as I prefer to type with a keyboard, although I understand keyboards are available so I will see what Hubby comes up with.
For the time being I have to use the main PC, which is ok but nowhere near as convenient or comfortable!
After spending the morning, pulling out furniture ( and no, the camera didn't turn up) making the most of it and hovering behind at the same time, doing endless washing, changing beds etc, I decided to pop into town and see if I could get cracking with some kiddies Christmas presents.
The Works is a welcome addition back to the town and I came out with a large bag full of bits and pieces.
Also Wilco's proved a good place to shop, although I saw more for home shopping than church shopping, but every little helps!
Teen One went out wearing her new Uni hoodie today and she made me smile
"Isn't it funny" she said...
"how when we are at school,kids moan about wearing the uniform and can't wait for the non uniform days to wear what they want...but at Uni when you can wear what you want, we choose to buy and wear something with the Uni logo!"
"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith"

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  1. I am on borrowed time with my min computer but love my tablet!