Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Curtain Saga Finally Ends!

Sorry the opening picture is rather grim!
It's the casserole dish yesterday's bolognaise was cooked in.
Teen One, bless her, loaded the dishwasher for me yesterday, when I wasn't feeling too good, and it seems the power of advertising is pretty strong....she obviously believes the tablet ads, that show a dish like this going in and coming out... this!
Sadly, the reality is, it needs a long soak and then elbow  grease...which I put in this morning, feeling a bit brighter than yesterday, but no voice!
Today was a stay at home day, mostly, I really wasn't in the mood for going out, and even cancelled lunch at a friends house as I wasn't in the mood for a drive out to the country.
I decided to end the curtain saga once and for all....only it opened up another miserable chapter!
All I needed to do was take down the pair I put up, pull in the cords to create the pleating and do the same to the new pair...thus giving a more fuller fall when they are closed at night.
And of course they would need ironing as well!
That all seemed very simple don't you think....
but no....
one of the curtains I put up the other day had no cord in!
I hadn't noticed at the time as I knew they were only just wide enough to cover the window.
What a nuisance!
I really couldn't be bothered to go the The Range yet again so....
...I raided my embroidery silks, found a near enough shade and sewed it through.
Feeling rather pleased with myself, and thinking I was on the last lap of this epic journey, I hung the curtain up, drew it across, only for the hook to fall on me!
I climbed up, then down again as I couldn't see without my specs...climbed back up (straining my dodgy knee as I did!) and discovered the casing the hooks are looped  through had come away!
Somehow I managed to tie the loose end the a stray piece of thread and hoped for the best!
That was curtain number one to get number two up....and oh look...these cords weren't sewn at one end, so when I pulled the other end...they all came away!
So it was out with the needle again, to rethread and then secure the ends.
Surely, this was the end of the saga?
No not quite...
With one pair up on one side, I gave them a quick pull, on our "original fittings" track...
problem...only one curtain came when the pulley was pulled!
I went in search of a safety pin....hoping that would be strong enough to keep them together, but once up (precariously perched on the window ledge, once more!) I hit on the idea of crossing over the first and last hooks, so they overlap at the back...and worked!
All that was left to do was to open the new pack bought yesterday ( hope and pray they didn't have any faults), iron them, hook and then hang them....
...ta dahhh!
Curtains FINALLY up!
And the moral of the story?
Don't buy £22.99 curtains, even if you like the Orla Keily look alike design....cos when they are up, you can't see it anyway!

Whilst I had been up to curtain highjinx, Teen One made a cake for a friend...
..before spending the afternoon doing homework...

Teen Two visited Grandma for a game of Rummikub before coming home to get a sausage casserole prepared for our dinner tonight.
He also laid the woodburner ready for lighting tonight...
..which Crystal has really been enjoying...
...rolling around to show her pleasure!
Later this afternoon we nipped in to see a friend and her granddaughter.
She is a real sweetie and grabbed hold of Teen One's hand when she realised we were going home!
She came out to the car with us and would have come back home with us!
Tomorrow we are up early for a trip to the NEC for a Lego will be a long  late day and possibly a late blog.
"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them"

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  1. Bless you - but thank you for giving me a smile xx