Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thanks Alex Polizzi!

It has to be said, I am a bit of a sucker for anything in miniature....so its no surprise that I just had to buy these mini peppers!
They are a couple of inches big and ideal for popping into lunch boxes.
I haven't yet tried one myself ( it seemed such a waste!) so am eager to hear from Teen One what they tasted like.
For some reason I woke in the night with a splitting headache, which did not go away...but I was never quite awake enough to have the enthusiasm to get some painkillers.
By 6am it was too bad to ignore, so I made the effort, got out and took some paracetamol then went back to bed for an hour.
Thankfully it hasn't returned, but I decided to have a stay at home day...well morning at least and see how it went.
I made the most of being home and found some chores to do which I normally leave indefinitely!
Cleaning the Sunday cutlery was the first thing on my list.
You can see the before ( left) and after and the difference is quite amazing...especially when it takes about a second to clean.....
...all it takes is a "bath" of hot water and salt ( around a tablespoon) in tin foil.
Place the cutlery one at a time in the water and instantly...I kid you not...instantly the tarnish disappears!
I always rinse the cutlery afterwards in hot soapy water.
Now I am told its not a good idea to do this to expensive heirlooms....I believe it strips the silver completely eventually, but for the occasional use on my "not family heirloom" cutlery its fine....
thank you Alex Polizzi for the tip, I really hate cleaning silver with a cloth and cream, its such a dirty job!
I spent the rest of the morning being a domestic goddess....cleaning much neglected areas, folding and putting away washing etc....
...then a friend "rescued" me and popped in during her lunch time for a cuppa.
Her time was shorter than usual, but we managed to catch up on family news, before she headed back out to work and I...well....I WAS going to find some more housework to do, but remembered Hubby needed new socks and Teen One decided Head and Shoulders really IS worth the money, I had also promised to buy Grandma some banana juice, which she developed a love of having had it at our house at the weekend, so there seemed plenty of reasons to abandon the housework and take a trip round Tescos instead!
Once home, with some more washing out and some thought put into tonight's dinner ( yes THOUGHT that's all!) the warm sunshine in the conservatory was calling me, along with some embroidery I am doing for Christmas.
It was lovely sitting listening to the quietness, no radio, no TV, no builders from up the road ( thank goodness that four month long project seems to be at an end!) just the odd tweet of a bird, or rustling of leaves as the bunnies hopped in and out of the bushes.
The clouds were free of rain for the time being, and my washing was able to blow dry in my tiny town garden.
I was surprised that in less than two hours it was completely dry and even a bit warm from the sun!
Sadly my headache feels like its making a comeback so its off to the medicine box and then some effort put into making the dinner!
"In my Father's house are many mansions"


  1. Your blog today sounds quite poetic!!!!!! Hope the headache disappears.xxxx

    1. Poetic aye...what did you put in your cup of tea earlier?? xx

  2. Enjoy the sunshine - we had that yesterday but has not stopped raining yet! Feel your pain with the headache - it's probably the stress building up to yesterday xx