Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Still Enjoying Those INSET Days

Today Teen Two had an INSET day (Teacher training day) and being a stay at home mum still, they are not the stressful days working mums have to deal with, trying to find a friend or relative to look after their children, and despite the fact Teen Two is now 16, we still enjoy these unexpected treat days, as we like to call them.
He fancied a bit of fossil hunting again, and whilst he only found crystals this morning, it was lovely to be out in the sunshine.
I enjoyed the wind free sunshine from the car
 and even managed to crochet up a few granny squares.
We were intrigued to see this black swan, being blown along by the tide and strong winds.
They are not unheard of but not common and its the first time I have seen one on our shores.
We have only seen them in private collections.
I hope he wasn't lost!
After an hour or so Teen Two was chilled to the bone, with the strong shore winds,
so we headed for the new Costa ( just knew it was going to be a money pit for me!)
I was pretty good, and didn't buy any of their delicious sweet treats, but did manage a little piece of Teen Two's lemon tart!
We then headed next door to Toys R Us, where I picked up these items for 46p can never be too prepared to Christmas activities and kids clubs!
A new TKMaxx had opened next door, so we went in search of a new coat for TeenTwo and came out with a Bench one for £24.99.
It has all sorts of pockets and poppers that we have yet to work out what they do, but we will have fun learning!
We then had to visit the NHS speech therapist and on the way saw a charity shop, selling bits and bobs outside for 20p.
I managed to resist that box (just about!) but did take a peek inside incase they had any interesting jigsaw puzzles.
Grandma rather likes a puzzle for the winter nights, and as she is very familiar with Winchester this seemed ideal
I must confess to have rather enjoyed the puzzle we did on holiday last month and when I saw this thought it was just me!
Its called "Five Minutes Peace" and I love the mother dog taking a rest from her playful pups, the lady wearing a pair of slippers just like mine, with her knitting on the side (just like mine!) and my favourite indulgence...a cream scone on the side table.
I am sure there will be many other little details I spot when I do the puzzle.
For the time being its staying in the box and may come out over half term.
Both puzzles cost £1....I am hoping there will be no missing pieces, but for that price you cant really complain.
I must admit I am itching to get it out NOW!!
Whilst I resisted the 20p box, Teen Two couldn't...and we have three new members of the family!
All have been through the wash and now hanging up to dry.
This is day three of the "use up the freezer stash" and today saw me empty the veggie drawer of all its little bags of goodness knows what!
I simply cannot throw good food away, so bag up unused items before they go off, always intending to use them soon, but of course forgetting they are there.
Today, using some fresh onion and garlic as a base, I added the frozen: cherry tomatoes, leeks, aubergines, sweet potato, orange pepper, broad bean, the odd green bean and a stray piece of sweet corn.
Having sweated it down I added some white cooking wine I had bought in Morrisons for 50p, some salt, pepper, and finally some lentils I had boiled up separately.
I layered the veggies with lasagne sheets and cheese sauce....
...I really should have put it in a bigger dish as it bubbled over a little, making a mess of the oven, but other than that, it was very tasty....both Teens loved it...Teen Two did fish out the aubergine and tomato but  I can forgive him that as I know he isn't keen on them.
Hubby enjoyed it too...but MUST have meat with his dinners, so he tried Lorne Sausage, which I had bought for 50p in Morrisons the other week.
Having googled it, it is a Scottish sausage with rusk...often eaten at breakfast time, sometimes called flat or square sausage.
With the sun still shining late into the afternoon, Teen Two made the most of it and spent some time with the bunnies.
We did fit in a visit to Pets at Home this afternoon ( as well as the gym!) and saw some sweet bunnies...I can see that when these ones eventually go back to their owners we will be buying our own!
"Every good and every perfect gift cometh down from above"

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