Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Soldiering On!

Today I had promised to take the Teens to Southampton, and in particular, Ikea's for brekky.
I wasn't feeling too great when I woke up, with a sore chest and nasty cough, but taking things slowly meant I was able to fulfil my promise.
Grandma was due to come to ( part of the reason I pushed myself) but she called at the last minute to say she had hurt  her ankle, and we all know what a big place Ikea is for walking round!
We often see huge cruise liners as we park in Ikea's car park, and today was no exception.
These liners really are massive!
The first port of call was the famous £1.50 brekky, that was our brekky AND lunch as it turned out!
We usually bring  cinnamon rolls back with us, today we also brought back a new range...gingerbread rolls...and very nice they are too!
We bought a few Christmas presents as well and then went for a short walk to the nearby shopping centre.
They have a beautiful white grand piano there, with the invitation to "please play me"
so Teen One treated us all to a piece  from Sleeping Beauty.
By this time my chest was complaining so much I had to take a breather in well placed sofa, whilst Teen One continued to shop and Teen Two stayed to keep me company, patting my back when I broke into uncontrollable coughing!
One the way home we made the now, all to familiar trip to The Range, where I bought the second pair of curtains, to give more fullness to the ones I bought yesterday.
It was a different branch and I was rather miffed to see they had wider curtains in stock, which had our local one had, I wouldn't have needed to buy an extra pair!
When we arrived home, the ones I ordered from Tesco had we are now awash with curtains!
I haven't felt well enough since I came home, to get the ironing board out and hang the new ones, they will just have to wait!
Teen Two has spent the afternoon cleaning out the gerbils cage and then getting the wood in and lighting the wood burner for me, and preparing a bolognaise for our dinner.
Teen One is now going to dish dinner up whilst I try and gather some energy and enthusiasm to take Teen Two to gym later on.
I feel like I have soldiered on long enough for today and will now collapse on the sofa for a bit!
"In every thing, give thanks"

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your cold / flu. Make sure that you give yourself a break tomorrow - complete bed rest!! Then you can give yourself the best chance of enjoying your weekend x