Saturday, 1 October 2016

Shingles And A Sad Goodbye

This morning I visited my dear friend at the hospice. I had to wait over an hour to see her as the nurses were dressing some wounds, and also close family members were there so I didn't want to steal any of their precious last moments.
However they were very kind and gave me a couple of minutes with her.
She was unconscious and it was clear time was very short.
I was able to hold her hand and thank her for being such a wonderful friend.
She truly epitomised the Fruits of the Spirit, she lived out love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
I never saw her not exhibit those qualities all the 18 years I knew her.
I was able to sit and talk...or should I say listen, to her husband, mother in law and sister in law, and assure them of our love and prayers for the days, weeks and months ahead.
I learnt just now that she was called home to her Lord and Saviour a couple of hours after my visit.
Last night, after uploading the blog, Teen Two mentioned the fact his back was painful.
He had complained of painful skin on his upper arm at the beginning of the week, and then it moved to his upper back...but there was no bruising to see and I just assumed it would pass.
He then pointed out some spots...which when I looked were small blisters...I did wonder what they were but dismissed it as being flea bites ( thanks pussies for bringing them into our life last week...all treated now though so hopefully that's the end of them)
but last night when I looked the area was angry and as I put his t shirt back down he said "ouch....its like pins digging in me"
The penny dropped!
Painful skin....blister like spots....shingles!!!
I checked images online and was convinced that was the diagnosis....Hubby wasn't so sure at all, but I had no doubt.
We went to the local walk in at hospital and it was confirmed he did indeed have shingles!
Sadly, treatment is only given 72 hours after the blisters appear.
He is passed being contagious, but will have the pain for a while and we have of course been advised to give painkillers as and when they are needed.
So poor Teen Two really has been in pain for a while and we hadn't appreciated the full extent!
I hope this stage passes quickly for him and he doesn't have a flare up.
This afternoon we went to a church conference, so it was good to have my mind taken off the mornings events...a little....the Teens enjoyed the scrummy food laid did I of course.
Grandma enjoyed her afternoon out with us and as her daughter's inlaws were also there, they were able to have a catch up on their mutual grandchildren.
My heart is heavy...but in all honesty not as heavy as it was last night as my dear friend is now out of pain and in the presence of her Lord.
I will miss her so much but my heaviness of heart is for her husband and daughter, how much more will she be missed by them.
"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee"


  1. Keep thinking of the positive things of your friendship!!! I'm sure her family will appreciate your support. xxxxxxx