Monday, 10 October 2016

Ribs Of Fire!

I am beginning to rather like Monday mornings!
That's an unusual statement isn't it!
But as both Teens have the day off ( well technically a study day for Teen One)
it means I don't have to be up early!
Its lovely to turn over as Hubby kisses me goodbye and grab an extra few minutes.
As a consequence of that cheeky lie in, this morning I was a little later than usual visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager.
As you know, I always take her in a "Promise" from the scriptures, currently the theme is "Strength" as she is often saying "I wish I could get some strength from somewhere!"
As I had my camera with me, I took a piccie for you to see where she keeps them!
We then went to Morrisons, and one of the perks for Teen Two is choosing something as a treat.
For the past couple of months he has chosen something from the hot counter, most often a chicken leg, or he chose "ribs of fire" and boy were they fiery!!"
His mouth was on fire all of the way home, and once home, he filled a bowl with greek yogurt to try and extinguish the fire!
He said I ought to make it the title of my blog in his honour I have!
Up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of "fougasse" but all GBBO fans will now know its the latest cinema snack (hee hee!)
When I saw this in Morrisons today I just had to give it a go.
I am expecting it to taste like garlic bread to be honest....but it certainly looks attractive anyway.
The weather was perfect for several loads of washing today and most has been aired in the dryer and is now back in the bedrooms...I do love it when it gets turned around that quick and not left lingering in various piles or baskets.
For dinner I made a sausage casserole...liberally sprinkling in lentils...they are a natural thickener, low in fat and packed with all kinds of vitamins, and unlike other dried pulses, don't need pre soaking.
Teen One spent the afternoon of course...
...I cleaned the car (but am fast thinking of using the supermarket hand washes as it really is hard work!)
And there might have been a little bit of jigsaw-ing going on!
"At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow"


  1. Liking the jigsaw - but where's the crafting? Perhaps future Mondays could focus on the cracker making since the tree of you are together?