Friday, 7 October 2016

Read The Label!

This morning was spent wondering round Tesco, getting the weekend groceries in then getting on with some essential housework.
I don't know what came over me, but I was full of energy and achieved rather a lot in a short space of time!
For lunch I decided to have a tin of clam chowder I had brought back from New England earlier this year.
I really love clam chowder, but wasn't too keen on this was ok...but very salty and thicker than usual.
Its only when I uploaded the picture for this blog that I spotted the word "condensed" on the tin!!
Well that explains a lot!!
What a shame... I could have had it two days running.
This afternoon I started to flag a bit so made the mistake of starting the jigsaw!
I know I will want to spend every spare minute on it any crafting mojo I might have mustered is going to be left dormant for a while!
I could never see the appeal in puzzles years ago...I used to like to see something tangible for my time...but there is something rather relaxing in sorting out the pieces, looking for the right shape etc...and I must say...I kind of lose myself in this lovely room.
The dog reminds us of Grandad's late dog Ollie.
Teen One has sat with me and put some pieces together and Hubby has his eye on it too so it will probably be a family affair over the weekend.
Our story at Friday Club was Jonah being swallowed by the whale, so our activity was an underwater scene, with real shells for the sea bed.
"Thou God seest me"


  1. not another jigsaw fanatic (rolls eyes lol)

    1. Sad isn't it...although it has to be the RIGHT jigsaw! One I want to "lose" myself in!