Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Now Where Did I Put My Camera?

The title of today's blog will no doubt have alerted you to the fact this is going to be a photo-less post!
I had the camera first thing...used it to take a piccie of the completed jigsaw (yes its done!) but haven't seen it since.
Have checked my dressing gown pockets ( a regular place to find my phone) and various bags, sides of chairs etc...but it does not want to be found.
Oh how I wish I didn't just put things down, I just will  never learn, its either my glasses, my keys, my phone or my camera...all very important to my daily well being, but I just don't look after any of them well enough!
This morning started earlier than I planned, partly because Hubby was up early, so that threw me, and partly because I read the clock wrong!
I thought I had read 7am, so was surprised to come down after my bath to see the clock say 6.34am!
Hubby had decided to make the most of being awake early and try to sort my Clio out.
The other day he said I ought to take it out once in a while to keep things ticking over.
He then offered to take it to work, but found the battery was dead.
So he charged it up, went for a drive and thought all was well, but nope...dead the next day.
So this morning, he started it with jump leads and drove to work.
He decided to sit in the car for a bit with the engine running, as he was still early enough.
But when he turned the engine off, it wouldn't then start, so for some reason the battery isn't holding its charge.
Not that we need the car, but maybe one day we might, so its as well to get it sorted.
There has been a bit of a saga with a padlock key that I haven't mentioned before.
We had a new chain put on the church gate ( long story why) but were only given one key, whereas Hubby and I have our own set.
No problem I thought...I will get a spare cut for myself.
When I finally remembered to take the key with me the man told me it was an unusual key and he didn't have it in stock....but after asking several questions ( did it have a guard etc) he thought he might have a solution.
He gave me the new key and told me to come back if there was a problem.
I went straight to church, tried out the key...it didn't work...and why didn't it work...because I had taken the wrong key!!
There were two keys the same on the keyring...but I had never noticed before and had someone always managed to use the right one first time!
So....a couple of weeks later, finally remembering to take the key with me I went to another key cutters that happen to be in Tescos.
They didn't have the right key either and he wasn't prepared to risk using a different one.
So today, I went down to the original shop, explained my mistake...but he couldn't remember which key he had used!
So...could I take the other copy down with me...no problem....expect.....I now cant find my church keys!!
Is this sounding familiar!
I would not call myself careless...but clearly I am!
I am hoping I left them at church maybe as I have run out of places to look at home!
The weather has been lovely again, so I made the most of it and washed the sofa covers, as well as the sheets and usual daily load.
I even managed some ironing as well.
How much I can do when I don't go anywhere or have any one round!
My friend usually calls in for lunch but she had back to back meetings so couldn't.
I dropped Grandma off at the doctors, then headed out to Lidl for some essential store cupboard items.
I am determined to be more organised this year for Christmas, so went up to the attic bedroom to see what I had managed to accumulate throughout the year.
I was surprised with how much I had but with 60 plus kids pressies to buy for church I still have a long way to go!
With the jigsaw complete I am hoping the inspiration that was starting to tingle my fingers will continue.
I dug deep into the wardrobe and found some crafting items which I hope to get started tonight.
Dinner tonight is meatballs and spaghetti...home made of course.
I bought a pack of minced pork yesterday to which I added, celery, onion, apple, breadcrumbs, dried sage and seasoning.
Teen Two doesn't like lumps of tomato so in recent months I have more or less given up buying tins of chopped tomato, and buy passata instead, which is the same price and no bits!
With both Teens now home, I need to crack on and finish dinner...and maybe do some more searching for those lost items...both Teens have been told to keep their eyes peeled!
"Unto Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin, unto Him be the glory for ever Amen"