Friday, 14 October 2016

Normal Service Resumes!

Starting with last night....I have good news!!!
My two missing things turned up!
The keys....and of course the camera which with I was able to take this picture with!
I had indeed left the keys in Hubby's car, so that was a relief.
Hubby had suggested tipping the sofa up and feeling underneath for a lump in the the camera.
As the sofa was tipped I heard a clonk....and was the camera!
Oh happy days indeed!
Amazing how small things can become such an irritation and the joy when they are found!
On a not so good note, I took the key down to the shop to be cut again....but when I tried it at church tonight it didn't work, so its another visit back...this time I will take the padlock with me!
When I was in Morrisons today I saw this spiralizer for a fiver!
That really has to be worth it, even if I only use it a few times!
I came late to the spiral veggie craze, and having seen the price of the machines, decided it really wasn't worth paying all that money for a fad...and once the supermarkets started selling it packaged I just bought it whenever I fancied a change...more particularly when it was reduced!
However, for a fiver its worth it, although if I find it fiddly to use maybe it wont be!
Its going to be a Christmas present to myself, something the Teens can wrap up and unless they read this post, they will just assume Hubby bought it!
We don't go for big pressies to each other and in recent years have bought things we have taken a fancy to for ourselves and then given it to the kids to wrap up "as a surprise"
I guess one day they will tumble it!
I know there isn't the element of surprise but we would both rather spend our budget on family treats rather than something large for ourselves.
Teen Two has been wanting to watch the new Ice Age film, which has been out for several months, but somehow we haven't got round to it.
So yesterday he asked if we could go this weekend, and when I searched to see if it was still on, not only was it still showing...but it had been relegated to the kids Saturday showing which means we only pay £1.80 to get it!
As a kid I used to go to the Saturday cinema every week and it was mayhem!
The poor manager used to come out and stop the film, trying to get everyone to calm down, it was horrendous looking I am hoping things have changed since then!
I saw this popcorn today and thought Teen Two would rather like it....
...and this for Teen One.
This afternoon was a bit of a baking fest...I cooked up some apple and blackberry from the freezer to make into a flapjack dessert for Sunday...'s so quick and easy and one of my favourites.
 There was enough flapjack left over to make up some granola bars, adding, dried apricot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and you can see I couldn't resist a piece!
I then went on to make a Dorset Apple cake, something I make regularly, but this time it hasn't worked out too good.
Although it looked and felt cooked and the knife came out clean, it seems to have sunk...I took a slice out and it looked a bit I whacked it into the microwave and am hoping for the best!!
I have also cooked up some rhubarb, ready to be made into a crumble.
All that's left now is to clear up the mess I have made in the kitchen!
"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel"

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  1. So pleased you have found the missing 'treasures'!!xxxx