Saturday, 22 October 2016

More Sad News

Most of the gardening falls under the "pink label" in our house, but there are some jobs I don't using the chain saw to cut down big bushes!
Our bay tree was getting out of hand, and although I had hand cut quite a bit off earlier in the year, it was getting bigger by the day, so with the promise of a lovely sunny day, Hubby agreed to tackle the job....
..ably assisted by Teen Two.
When I suggested to Hubby he get Teen Two to help, he said " oh yes, I can give him the long handled loppers"
"You are kidding!" I replied..."he will want the vroom vroom tool!!
It took quite some time to get the tree under control...
...and the bunnies were very inquisitive to see what was going on... lunch time we had much more light coming into the garden and Hubby chose to make cube shape once again...reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland I think!
The mess on the ground was something to see and took almost as long to clear up as the cutting did!
Hubby and Teen Two went straight to the dump with it thankfully.
Whilst they were busy doing that, Teen One was busy making a "reading river" for homework, and I was busy in the kitchen baking ( apple and cranberry cake) and lasagne for dinner.
I also made a chocolate sponge for tomorrow, using this....lets see if anyone notices!
Teen One and I popped out to the Range to look at curtains.
I really was fed up with yesterdays waste of time and effort and decided I couldn't look at them another day, so bought these cheap ones "for the time being."
I am not totally in love with them, but they will do until I find a pair I do like!
Knowing me that could be some time!
Sadly, we had yet more bad news in the family tonight.
The uncle we are so looking forward to meeting next year, in Australia, had an emergency operation last night to remove an obstruction in the colon.
He narrowly avoided having to have a colostomy and will be in hospital for some time as he is "anorexic" in weight they have said.
He has been unable to eat anything since the week his wife died ( our sadness earlier this summer)
and of course we all thought it was the shock of losing her that had made him lose his appetite, but clearly this underlying illness is the root of it.
We have yet to know what caused the obstruction.
"I am with you always"


  1. I am so sorry - that makes your holiday next year all the more important doesn't it?

    1. Yes, we are hoping he is still with us then!