Friday, 21 October 2016

Mind The Gap!

Today started very early again.
For some reason I woke at 4.30am and just could not drop off again.
So once again I came down, had a cuppa and a surf, then around 6am went back to bed for an hour, and did manage to doze a bit thankfully.
Our cat Milly is a funny puss...she has "favourite spots" that she sticks to for a few weeks before finding a new "favourite spot."
Last week and the week before she was in the kitchen doorway...not ideal...and this week it has been by the front door...not ideal again!
You wouldn't think she had a nice cosy bed to sleep in would you!
When doing my shopping today I saw Lidls were selling pumpkins for 70p.....we do like our pumpkin soup at this time of year...and also their cheerful appearance around the place
So for the time being I shall enjoy seeing it in the garden ( and hope the bunnies don't find it!) and then make some soup out of it later.
Tonight was "shop" at Friday club, where the kids can spend the points they have earned.
Its always hard looking for things that are affordable and desirable!
These giant crayons were £1.99, which divided up  made them 25p ( therefore 25 points) so very affordable...and I am relieved to say they sold like hot cakes!
I will go back and get some more for  next time...which thankfully isn't for a few months!
Teen Two had some more bunny bonding time...they really are a part of our family now!
For some reason, I took it into my head to clean the living room windows....AND take down the curtains with a view to putting different ones up.
These windows are a pain, as each section has to be done individually.
However I was shocked at how much dirt came they really did need doing!
These curtains came from next door and I accepted them when the house was being cleared as I assumed they would be the same size as our windows.
I  held them up this morning, to see if they were the right size and from where I was standing all looked I washed them to freshen them up, but wasn't expecting this when I hung them later on in the afternoon....a four inch gap!
Teen One thinks it looks like a pair of trousers at half mast!
So now I feel the urge to look for new curtains as the ones I took down were more "show curtains" than "working curtains" and I am enjoying being able to pull the curtains and feel cosy inside.
We aren't overlooked at the back and have blinds in the conservatory so we are quite private, but I kind of like the cosiness of drawing the curtains I have now decided.
We had some sad news tonight.
Hubby has a cousin, whose husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a year or two ago.
He has not been well for a couple of months and sadly the cancer has moved to his brain.
He is a lovely man and we feel so sad for them.
They know the Lord is in control of their lives, and are looking to Him for the strength to get through this tough time.
"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith"

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  1. Sorry to hear of hubby's cousin - you are sure having a year of it!