Thursday, 13 October 2016


Well lets start with the shocking news that Marmite is no longer available online at Tesco's!
Along with, of course, several other items...but all the other items have substitutes...whereas marmite...well...there really is nothing quite like it!
Its a firm favourite with Teen Two and the rest of us like it too.
I do have a large jar in the cupboard...but no back do I rush out and join the queue to buy any still on the supermarket shelves.....stock pile them and then sell on at a ridiculous price and make ourselves a fortune...or so I just sit tight and let the dust settle...I think I will go with the last one...although you can be sure I will buy a jar tomorrow on my usual weekend shop....if of course there is any left!
This morning was of course Mother and Toddlers...or to be more precise "Parent and Toddlers"
When I printed off more welcome leaflets last night I decided to bite the bullet and be more politically correct, but the truth is our little church toddler group has welcomed mums, dads, grandma's, granddads, foster parents, childminders, uncles, aunts and even a mum with no toddler who just loved the atmosphere!
So we have always been all encompassing, but I just thought I would make that small adjustment...even though the notice board outside still reads Mother and Toddlers!
Teen One had the afternoon off, so I took her for lunch at Costa....
...then we wandered over to PC world to take a look at their laptops.
Of course we were pounced on by an assistant (but there is never one to be found when we want to buy something!) who was insistent on telling me all the pros and cons of the (cheap) one I was looking at...and it was more cons than pros.
I explained I was just looking to get an idea of the  prices and my husband would be in later to buy whichever he felt was most suited to my needs.
Despite telling the assistant what I used the laptop for ( purely social) he still was intent on leading me towards a more techy one for "the future," although I am as sure as eggs are eggs in ten years time, just like the previous ten years, my techy life will be purely social.
He even tried to tell  me my Hubby would only "think he knew about computers" but in reality know very little.
Well...that was it, no sale was going his way today!
He looked all of about 22 as well!
The missing camera continues to be missing...and because tomorrow is dustbin day, I felt compelled to go through the bin ( not a pleasant task) to make sure I hadn't thrown it away by mistake.
Seems I am not as daft as I wasn't there.
I have checked the fridge several times as well ( well it happens!!)
But all to no avail.
I had hoped to find the church keys at church today, sadly no...but then I remembered putting a set of keys in the pocket of Hubbys car seat last week when I was in the have asked him to look, it could be them or it could be that was my house keys.
That is my final hope, after that it is going to have to join the list of things that will one day
"turn up!"
"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever"


  1. as I write this I understand that Marmite gate has been resolved - but, in truth, they could get rid of it as far as I am concerned!

  2. Oh no LD.!!!!!! Marmite forever!! So pleased the dispute is over.xxxxxxxx

  3. Indeed Happymum - I presume that you mean JD me!