Thursday, 20 October 2016

Let That Somebody Be Me

This morning was Mother and Toddlers ( should I be typing Parent and Toddlers nowadays?) and I decided a little problem needed tackling.
At the back of our little church hall is an emergency exit for the snooker hall next door.
With  the "no smoking indoors" law some years ago, the smokers have taken to gathering outside the exit door...on our property, but up until now we haven't done anything about it.
Whilst we appreciate they need somewhere to go, and its much easier to just open the back door...what we really object to is the ever increasing amount of rubbish they dump ON OUR SIDE!
At the weekend there was the distinct smell of urine coming from there...not good at all!
Someone at church said " somebody needs to go and talk to them about it!"
So, today, I thought, its no good expecting "someone else" to sort out problems, sometimes we just need to get on and do it ourselves.
I went armed with rubber gloves and bags, hoping to bag up what I could and put it on the street ready for the binmen , who come today.
Sadly the binmen had already been, so I decided to bag up what I could and then move it all to the snooker hall's side of the wall.
There was no disputing it was their rubbish, mounds of cigarette ends, empty packets, empty cans of lager, crisp packets etc....and the very tell tale chalk cubes they use for their snooker cues.
Pretty soon I had the bins and general rubbish cleared, and just some old bits of timber lying around...not so easy to accuse them of leaving that, and I can take that to the dump some time.
Grandma and I then went round to the snooker hall ...who knew there would be men there drinking and playing snooker at 9.30am??!
We explained what we had done, very politely, and then  kindly asked if they could make sure their members
could keep the rubbish on their side, for health and safety reasons (sounded good!)
Only time will tell if they are cooperative.
I have left it a lot tidier than they left it for us, so hopefully no one is going to take umbridge at the matter being can never tell!
This afternoon I decided to clean the windows, and replace the net curtains.
The existing ones were only a fiver from Ikea, and were completely see through in the day time.
On top of that, the cat had clicked holes in them.
I had a carrier bag of new nets from next door, so knew they would be the right size.
A quick wash in the machine to freshen them up and 20minutes later they were up and so much better.
I prefer no nets if I am honest, but living in town and opposite a school, I don't like the endless passing of pedestrians going by and looking in.
I even cleaned the outside of the windows!
Just as I was finishing off, Teen Two came home...he looked at the windows and said
"Wow, they look sparkly and shiny"
Ahh...he knows just how to say the right thing!
"My strength cometh from the Lord"

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