Wednesday, 19 October 2016

It's Good To Be Spontaneous

Today started very early, for some reason I woke just before 5am and could not drop off again, so at 5.30am I came downstairs for a cuppa and slow start to the day.
Today was an old colleagues birthday and over the years she has always been very faithful in sending cards and presents to the Teens, so I like to try and treat her from time to time.
Either taking her out for coffee, taking in chocolates, or like today, baking her a sponge.
It cracked on top sadly, but I am sure it will taste just fine!
She rang me half an hour ago to say she was just going to enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake.
I forgot to say earlier, my neighbour's son brought me in these lovely roses at the weekend, he is so kind and thoughtful.
Sadly, as he reversed out of the supermarket car park where he bought them, he reversed into a car causing substantial damage ....I just hope he went to the supermarket to do shopping and not just to buy me flowers!
Poor chap, I did feel sorry for him.
With washing on the line, the house cleaned within an inch of its life yesterday, the cake for my friend done, I wondered what to do with the day.....don't get me wrong...there were a hundred and one jobs I could have found to do in the house, but I was in the mood for something that was going to benefit someone else...housework will always be there after all!
I remembered the Teen's cousin's other granddad (so no relation to us) had been in for an operation at the weekend.
He is a lovely man, always takes time to chat to the Teens, always friendly and jokey with them and I was eager to hear how the op went.
I called Grandma ( they of course share the same grandchildren) and asked if she had heard.
He was out the same day, but had to take things easy at home.
With it being such a lovely day I suggested we drive over, only 12 miles, to pay them a visit
Now Grandma does not do spontaneouty! Things are to be planned well ahead, visits organised and phone calls made to ensure it is convenient.
I was delighted she was up for it, but had to persuade her we didn't need to call ahead.
If they were otherwise engaged it wouldn't matter, we had at least showed them we cared... it turned out they were over the moon that we had called.
We had a  pleasant couple of hours over a cup of tea and both Grandma and our friends agreed it had been a lovely surprise to their day.
Once home I was pleased to see an order from The Book People had arrived... contained items for the Friday club presents.
I thought these owl neck pillows were cute and just under a fiver each...
...I know the girls love making pom poms, so thought this book would be great!
The only down side is, it only gives instructions for using pom pom makers, not the traditional cardboard circles, so I will have to buy some to go with the book, making it a slightly more expensive present than I intended...and I had wanted to add a little selection of wool as well.
I did happen to see a pack of three pom pom makers in Tiger the other day, fairly cheap, so I had better rush over there and buy them.
Its the sort of shop you cant guarantee has the same stock in from week to week.
These macaroons looked great don't they!
I can see me swiping some ideas before wrapping the books up!
Teen Two has often mentioned he wanted to make something for the gerbils to play with...some sort of maze maybe.
I saw this book and thought it would be perfect for giving him ideas...and those of you who know me know I have one heck of a stash of lolly sticks and they seem to figure quite a lot in the projects!!!
Teen One is getting the bus home again today, it took two hours yesterday and she was starving when she got home....I rarely hear her say that!
She has taken a snack today, just in case!
"It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord"

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  1. Its always god to have a different day than the one planned!