Sunday, 2 October 2016

"It Smells Like Winter!"

Today, I am pleased to say, has been a normal family Sunday.
We don't seem to have had many of those recently, so being back to routine was quite reassuring.
It was church as usual, first thing....
.. followed by a roast dinner....
...followed by two games of Scrabble for Grandma...and Teen Two joined us once again and won the first game!
A light tea.....
...followed by evening Gospel service.
Of course there has been plenty of activity in the kitchen in between all these events and little, well no crafting once again, although I did look at my crochet, but got distracted!
As we went to church tonight Teen Two sniffed the air and said
"It smells like winter!"
 I guess with the cold air, and the signs of smoke coming from the odd chimney, he was quite right!
"All have sinned and come short of the glory of God"


  1. I love those 'winter smelling nights'. Hope teen two's shingles are not being too troublesome' xxxx

    1. He seems to be coping, hasn't asked for any painkillers at all, just hoping he doesn't get the post herpatic neuralgia.

  2. I love shutting the cold out and snuggling down - now, when do I give in and light the fire?