Sunday, 30 October 2016

Honouring Family Traditions

This morning was of course church first thing, but not before enjoying the simple pleasures of that extra hour in bed!
Dinner was of course, the usual roast, followed by apple and plum crumble, kindly left in the fridge by Grandma...always lovely to discover treats like that when we come home from a trip away.
After dinner, it was the usual game of Scrabble with Grandma....
...followed by a game of Rummikub.
Crumpets are a favourite in this household, when thinking about what to have for tea today...I remembered that Grandma and Grandad in Devon always have crumpets the day after the clocks go I thought we would  honour that family tradition!
Tonight was church again, and of course thinking about being back to routine tomorrow...although the Teens do have Monday off, so we have one more day of freedom from routine!
"He that hath the Son hath life"


  1. Pleased you remembered the crumpets. The Sunday after the clocks go back is my favourite day!!!! Xxxx