Thursday, 6 October 2016

First Lighting Of The Fire!

Today we didn't wake to our usual bright blue skies and was distinctly chilly and drab looking.
When we arrived at Mother and Toddlers, I was surprised we didn't need to put the heating on, I think the lovely sunshine of the past few days had heated the back hall up and with no doors being opened, the heat had stayed in.
However, by the end of the morning, with the door being opened continually, we were feeling a little chilly.
We had several new mums today, which was lovely. We have had new ones each week since the new term, which was great as our numbers were down to around 7...when you consider we were mid 30's at one point, it seemed very quiet indeed!
It seems like good news spreads, and new mums liked it so much they told their friends.
I now have lots of new names to try and learn!
Two mums inparticular thanked us for the warm welcome and lovely atmosphere, which was great, you never know how other folk perceive you, so to hear they felt welcome was  lovely.
Back home, hanging out the washing was a very chilly chore!
As the Teens have been a little cold in the evening after their bath, I decided to sort out the shed and see if we had enough wood/coal to light the woodburner tonight.
We have enough for a day or two and a friend in the local timber yard has been collecting off cuts for us this week, so we should be ok for a while.
When throwing some rubbish in the recycling bin, I noticed that Teen One had thrown out all her college books....all that hard work over two the bin! It just doesn't seem right....but I guess she has her place at Uni, which is what all that work was working towards, so what is the point of keeping it all....she is obviously not a hoarder like her parents.....which is no bad thing!
The ironing pile needed tackling today, which was a good excuse to sit down and watch some TV.
I watched a really emotional documentary  on Downs Syndrome by the actress Sally Philips....well worth watching, keep your tissues near...and also allow yourself to smile and laugh, which is what so many parents of Downs children actually do,  it is not the "burden" they were conditioned to believe.
I do hope the documentary changes people's perceptions of not only Downs but all disabilities.
By mid afternoon my feet were really chilly, and knowing how long it takes for the woodburner to get the room warmed up, I decided to light the fire...the first one of the season...which usually means there is no turning back!
I suspect we will also put the heating on pretty soon, its a bit chilly getting out of bed in the morning!
Day four of the "use up the freezer stash" is the last piece of cod loin, a few fish fingers found lingering at the back of the drawer, a handful of chicken dippers left over from a Sunday family service lunch, and for hubby some meat of some kind....I am hoping its beef,  which I will cut into thin strips and then use in a stir fry.
Beef and lamb look quite similar when frozen so until it thaws out I can't be sure (why don't I label things??) but what ever it is, he will thank his lucky stars he didn't have fish!
"I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly"


  1. How satisfying it is to use up leftovers! Well done.xxxx

  2. I love playing the freezer lottery!