Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Feeling All Draped Out!

This morning Teen Two and I had an early start.
He had wanted to meet a friend at the trampoline warehouse, and the only time his friend could make it was 9am!
We have to be there 15mins earlier for the obligatory safety video, and its about 20mins drive from home, so it really was an early start for a holiday.
However, it was well worth it.
Teen Two really loves bouncing into this pool of sponges!
The basket ball area is also a favourite.
Whilst he and his friend wore themselves out ( and that takes all of about 10 minutes!) his mum and I had a catch up.
We then headed home, via The Range ( the curtain saga continues!) and then with Teen One collected, out to Pizza Hut for Teen Two to enjoy a free lunch with his mates from an internet club he attends.
Teen One and I went to a nearby McDonalds.
It is new and has table service...so civilised!
I ordered myself a frappe, but for some bizzare reason chose Mocha instead of Caramel....and I don't like mocha!
I think I had the idea it was iced coffee in my brain ( which it is 50%) and thought the caramel was just caramel, whereas that also is 50% coffee and was of course a favourite over the summer.
I really didn't like it, so Teen One had it for me and I didn't bother spending any more money on getting a replacement, which as just as well, since we then went to Tesco for a look round and spent £50 on presents and yellow sticker bargains!
Teen One saw these purple crisps in the discount area and rather fancied trying them...you gotta try it when its cheap I always say!
We managed to get lots of silly priced stuff ( pennies worth) for the Friday club shop and came away feeling rather pleased with all our bargains.
If you have the stamina for a long winded curtain story read on!
I mentioned the other day, I don't like curtain choosing, there are lovely curtains around, but they never seem to fit in with our colour scheme ( which is very loosely themed I might add!) and I don't see the point in buying curtains only to then have to buy new furniture to match...naahh, just not a good idea!
I went with Teen One at the weekend to look for some "to make do" until I found some I really liked.
However having put them up, I really didn't like them, they did not suit the room at all and jarred on me whenever I looked at them.
I thought however, they would be ok for the bedroom....
... as you can see, the fading on the bedroom curtains was beyond belief and they were expensive too ( well for me anyway!)
So I felt quite justified in using the new ones for upstairs...and I couldn't take them back as the cord had been pulled at the top.
Only thing was...I would need another pair as the bedroom window is a bay, still they were cheap so it wouldn't matter.
Today I went with Teen Two and bought the second pair, and saw these at the same time...
...I don't know how I missed them at the weekend!
Does that design look familiar to you??
Very similar to Orla Kiely's stem design, which I just love, especially the multi coloured one!
So, at £22.99 for the pair, it was a no brainer, I just had to get them!
Having taken them out of the packet at home, I noticed there was a flaw in one of them, so had to go back to The Range and get a replacement pair.
Having got the replacement pair out there was another flaw!
I decided I really couldn't  face going back again, and since they were incredibly cheap curtains what did I expect!
So...I took down the curtains I bought at the weekend, and ironed the new ones....only to find they are not as wide as the other ones, so there is no fullness when they are drawn which makes them look a little lack lustre...so I guess its another visit to The Range tomorrow and another date with the ironing board!
Oh...and did I say...I ordered some "they will make do" curtains from Tesco Direct yesterday!
They will go straight back without being opened for sure!!
So with the downstairs curtains ironed and up, it was time to iron the second set for upstairs.
Hubby had asked the other day, if they would be too long...but I was sure they wouldn't be...hmm....does skimming the carpet count as "too long!"
And of course I had bought the second pair today....but I really had no choice, I would have ended up with a pair I couldn't take back which made no sense.
Maybe next year ( or the year after!) when I take them down to wash them ( even though it says dryclean only...just what can go wrong with poly/cotton?) I will shorten them, but right now I am all draped out!
When I was with Teen One in the Range, I saw this quilt cover, which I think is a pretty good match with ( those dreaded) curtains and the end of bed blanket, which was a freebie from the US a few years ago, is a pretty good match too.
Whilst I was busy ironing, taking down, putting up and generally stressing about curtains, the Teens were busy crafting for Christmas....with just a little bit of stress going on for them too!
Amazing how easy something looks in a video, but try it out and its way more difficult!
Teen One, however, after making one, cut out three steps and made the job much easier, now why didn't we think of that!
We hope when they are dried out they are worth the effort!
All family members please take note...when you get your red presents, give a great big smile, no matter what you really think of it !
The weather really has been lovely today and the birds were singing away as I was struggling with the curtains in the bedroom, it was so warm I had to change out of my sweater into a t-shirt!
My cold is lingering and I can feel it going down  to my chest...just what I don't want when we have  special weekend coming up!
I was ill this time last year when we had a Hilton break, I really don't want this one spoilt too!
However, its just a cold, and yet again, today we had sad news.
A family friend from Cornwall, who is now in her late 70's and used to foster/adopt children, lost one of her adopted daughter's today.
She was in her late 30's and had spina bifida as well as other problems, which is why she was put up for adoption as a little one.
Our friends embraced her and gave her a lovely happy life.
In recent years she had to go into a home as our friend was too old to cope with the nursing needs, but she visited most days of the week.
She said to me just the other month, I do hope Sweetie goes before me...and her prayers have been answered...but oh how she will miss her.
She went peacefully in her sleep, for which we are all thankful.
"God shall wipe away all tears"


  1. Had to smile about you being 'draped out'. I have two rules when buying curtains. First only buy 'eyelet curtains' they hang so much better than any other types.Rule two measure both length and width. I have made so many mistakes!!!!! Love The Range for curtains.xxxxxx

    1. I did notice there was much more choice for eyelet curtains, but they aren't any good for bay windows are they?

  2. Warning re Red Presents duly heard!