Saturday, 15 October 2016

"Everything Is Better With Bacon!"

Today's blog title is once again courtesy of Teen Two!
Back in April we were in Vermont and saw this tea towel, which reminded us of a friends son who reckons "everything is better with bacon!"
Teen Two quite agreed, and as a big fan of the YouTube "Epic Mealtimes" where bacon is served with everything in giant proportions, would quite happily have bacon with everything.
Today however, this bacon craze was taken to another level...
...bacon with milkshake!
You might just be able to make out the bottom line of the menu where it says
"Add bacon to any milkshake for free!"
I asked Teen Two what he thought of his salted caramel with bacon milkshake and this was his response!!
I did try a sip myself but quite honestly I just don't get it!
This was the first time we have been to Five Guys and it was a unique experience.
Teen One chose it and I must say, it was quite fun, although for an oldie like me the music was too loud and too...harsh.
I much prefer Deans Diner where the old American 1950's songs are playing from the jukebox.
On the right of the picture is boxes of roasted peanuts, which are there as an appetiser I guess you could say, whilst you are waiting for your order to be made up...
...we didn't spot them when we came in, but saw more savvy customers doing it as we sat and ate our meal.
To the left of the picture are the sacks of potatoes which are used for the fries...
...and the origin of the potatoes are shown on a poster.
The skins were left on the fries and they were very tasty indeed.
I made an interesting discovery....peanut oil is cholesterol free!
A poster said their fries were cholesterol free and a quick google suggests that is correct!
Does that make their fries healthy??? Well healthier than some maybe!
Everything in the order is wrapped in foil, then put in a brown paper bag and your order number called out when ready for collection.
The Teens enjoyed their experience and Teen Two wants to go their for his birthday treat next year....last year it was Yo Sushi.
The film was very good and the behaviour of the kids was fine as well, clearly things have moved on a lot since I were a lass!
We did a bit of Christmas shopping afterwards, for church and I am pleased to say I have got the bulk of the presents now!
I just need to bring the registers home so I can see who gets what and buy an odds and end necessary.
That's a great weight off my mind!
As I have been typing this Hubby has been working on the the rain...with a heavy cold, so not put him in the best of moods!
We just heard an almighty "no" as he walked through the seems the large pan of potatoes I just peeled for tomorrow's dinner are now all over the floor...and no doubt the floor is awash with water as well!
Oh what fun...shall I just sit here and pretend I haven't heard??
"The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all"

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  1. Don't think I will be trying that combination!!!! Xxxx