Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Enjoying A Rare Coffee Morning

This morning I arranged to meet a friend for coffee at a new Costa.
We haven't seen each other since the beginning of the year, so we had plenty to catch up on!
The new Costa was lovely and with free parking, close to home, I think it will become a popular place to meet.
Once home it was time to catch up on some chores, the weather was perfect for drying and I got two lines dry in next to no time.
I then decided to sort through the filing cabinet, throwing all the unwanted paperwork on the floor.
Every time I had a pile I would take it to the recycling bin...and every time I had to remove Milly first!
Anything "new" she just has to sit on and claim as her own!
My recycling bin is practically full now...its amazing how much  unnecessary stuff  I had kept!
Dinner tonight was "what to do with mince" and I plumped for a good old traditional...
cottage pie.
My Australian cousin was bemused with the fact we Brits peel our potatoes...."when all the goodness is in the skin!"
So I have tried a few times leaving the skins on....it wasn't all that well received with the roasties on Sunday, but the mash seems to be a hit.
The bunnies are of course still with us, and I love being able to throw out all the peelings, I will really miss that when the go home.


  1. Apart from mash, I always leave the peelings on!

    1. Really! I only do for jackets and wedges...or newbies of course.