Monday, 24 October 2016

Crafting For Christmas!

Well last night I managed to sleep most of the night, and apart from the usual tell tale signs of having a cold I am as near normal as I ever get!
According to Hubby, having checked out the NHS website, with my body temperature being so low last night, I was technically a medical emergency!
I have to say, I have felt an awful lot worse and at no point did I feel THAT bad!
This morning was the day for visiting my Recycled Teenager of course.
Share a cuppa and a catch up and do a little bit of vacuuming before taking her shopping.
Today, bless her, she forced £50 into my hand!
I did my best to resist, what I do I do for pleasure, not gain, but she said it was no good to her when she went and she would rather share it out I relented and put it in my Rainy Day tin.
After lunch, Teen One had her driving lesson and Teen Two vacuumed the garden for me.
I find the gardenvac too heavy and get a bit frustrated at having to be right on top of whatever I want sucking up, whereas Teen Two would probably do it that way by choice and watch each leaf being sucked up!
Teen Two and I then got cracking with some Christmas presents.
He loves watching a YouTube video called "Life Hacks" and as I was watching over his shoulder the other day I saw something that, hopefully, will make some fun Christmas presents... was a trifle messy, so rubber gloves were the order of the day.
I have of course only shown strategic shots so as not to give the game away, but family members will note we are keeping to the red brief!
Teen Two was going to join in, but we forgot about her driving lesson...however its a case of "one down four to go" so she has plenty of time to play catch up!

I managed to finish a present I started a couple of weeks back.
As usual  I am not 100% happy with it, but having unpicked on area more than once, decided to just hope the recipient has a good imagination instead!
It is now all pressed and ready to wrap...and its still October!
Not only that, but I have another project planned!
If the momentum carries on after dinner, I will get it started tonight.
Does this mean I am on a roll?
Dinner tonight is one of Teen Two's creations.
He and a friend at church are often discussing pizza toppings, trying to come up with new ideas, with the dream of going into business one day!!
I had better keep some of their ideas to myself, incase some bright spark beats them to it!
He had the idea of a roast dinner pizza, with Yorkshire pudding as the basically its a "left overs" toad in the a round dish!
I have made left overs toad in the hole in the past....but it wasn't always a hit, the meat goes a bit too crispy, so we will see how it goes!
I don't usually add cheese, but having just checked if I ought to both Teens looked up with that
"of course!" look on their face...with Teen One saying
"well there isn't any substitute for cheese is there, and this is pizza!"
"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel"


  1. Well done!!! Hope the craft mojo continues!!!xxxx,

  2. Replies
    1. When there's chocolate involved there's never any need to be worried!