Saturday, 29 October 2016

Apples Of Gold

Last night was a peaceful night, and despite the motorway being right next to the hotel, it didn't spoil our nights sleep.
I was surprised to look at the clock and see it said 8.30am!
We started the morning slowly, with a cup of tea in bed ( and of course ginger biccies)
followed by a hot bath, before heading down for brekky around 10am.
You really can't beat the choice at the Hilton.
Something for everyone.
We always find their prices very reasonable for a family, all sharing the same room.
After breakfast, we packed up, loaded the car, officially checked out...but then went to use the pool.
This is a picture of the one we use at the East Midlands Hilton.
The Jacuzzi is probably where Teen One and I spend the most time, whilst the boys swim and play ball in the pool.
I also used the steam room to see if it helped my chest.
It was lovely to spend a couple of hours, just chilling and chatting and watching the boys have fun.
Teen One and I got dressed much quicker than the boys, and waited outside in the reception area.
What a treat we had instore!
There was a wedding party, all dressed in their traditional saris.
They were so beautiful
Teen One and I really enjoyed watching the ladies come in with their beautiful silks draped around them.
One of the older ladies smiled at as I and enquired if the bride had come....saying we couldn't wait to see what she was wearing.
The lady told me the bride and groom were already here, and in their rooms getting dressed, but we were welcome to go and have some food and a drink!
I explained we were not part of the wedding party, just hotel guests enjoying looking at the beautiful clothes!
She assured us we were more than welcome to go and have some food and drink and see what an Indian wedding was like, but we declined graciously saying our family would be out soon, but thanked her for her kindness!
Of course we would LOVE to have tried the food out and see what it looked like, but we would have stood out like a sore thumb in our plain European clothing and everyone else in their fineries!
With the boys finally out, it was 2pm and time to head home.
On the way back, I counted over 27 apple trees on the side of the road, all laden with fruit.
We noticed a lot the other week on the same road, but on the other side.....
I imagine they are all the result of people (like us!) tossing apple cores out of the window.
Hubby asked if there were more red or green apples....I think there were more red....but next time we will do a tick chart!
Makes the journey more interesting for sure!
I really wish they were in areas where we could pull in and bring some of the plenteous bounty home!
"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

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