Monday, 3 October 2016

A Tough Act to Follow

This morning started with beautiful blue skies and sunshine...a slight chill in the air...but my favourite sort of weather.
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager for a cuppa, before heading out to Morrisons.
As I was loading the conveyor belt, I noticed the very elderly lady in front of me had several jars of the Savers range of curry sauce, 20p a jar. I asked if it was nice...never having braved it before, but she was unable to tell me, as her shopping was infact to make up into food parcels for charity.
As she paid for her goods, she gave the assistant a sweetie "is that for me?" the assistant asked
"yes my dear, a little something from me to you"
What a lovely I love that generation, so kind and thoughtful, brightening someone's day and thinking of others.
We have a tough act to follow!
When shopping I am usually drawn to the special offers, they are a good time to try out new things.
Today I saw this wholegrain apricot yoghurt...fat free as well!
Being rather partial to apricot flavoured things it was always going to be a winner!
For fat free its very scrummy and I love the addition of the grains.
It reminds me of a muesli yogurt M&S used to sell years ago, I was very sad when that disappeared from the shelves.
This one was also on special offer and being lemon was also irresistible....its yummy too, but not fat free.
Last week our local paper printed an article on the litter in the lake Teen Two had dedicated part of his summer holiday in keeping clean.
Someone had seen it and complained about it, saying it spoilt their visit.
I decided to write up to the paper with a couple of suggestions for keeping the lake cleaner (better bins etc) and also highlighting that when my son saw the rubbish, he didn't complain about it, he just got on and did something about it.
I was surprised to see it in print at the weekend!!
Teen Two was delighted to see an article about himself too.
After lunch the Teens and I headed into town.
Both Teen One and I needed some cash, so called into the bank...and received our first new five pound note.
Hubby will be very envious and I suspect will want to buy one from us for his coin much shall we sell it for hee hee!
Both the Teens need new coats for the winter...its been some years since we had to buy any so I cant complain too much.
We didn't see one ( that I was happy with the price of!) for Teen Two, but Teen One liked this neutral colour Parka.
Its very warm and toasty, and a coat without a hood is just not a coat  I reckon!
As we drove out of the supermarket car park we saw these beautiful leaves...which are the perfect accompaniment to our autumn display...
...we just need some acorns, twigs and a few more leaves...and maybe a gourd or two and we are done!
As part of applying for her driving test, Teen One was asked about organ donation,
she talked it through with us and decided to go ahead with it.
Today her card came.
This is a vital service, which I hope we never have to use!
Dinner tonight is a big CHEAT!
My freezer is full of "just in case" things....and there is no space for essentials, like bread at the moment, so I have decided I need to use up what is in there, as far as possible.
Tonight the Teens had the option of heated up left overs from yesterdays roast dinner, or this tuna pasta bake, which I bought for 46p last month.
They both opted for the tuna pasta and said it was yummy...I really have to ask myself why I bother cooking from fresh all the time!!
Oh yes...the cost, the nutrition and for me the taste, but maybe now and again I can cheat and not feel too guilty!
"From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the Lord's Name is to be praised"

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