Monday, 31 October 2016

A Mixed Day

This morning was the usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager, then shopping and home.
A friend had invited us for dinner tonight, and said to go along as soon as we could in the afternoon to enjoy some time together.
Its a lovely drive out into the country and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to let Teen One have some practise.
Unfortunately after only 100 yards the front L plate few off!
She pulled into a layby whilst I went back ( an awful lot further than I imagined!) to retrieve it,
only for it to fly off a final time 100 yards further down the road...this time over a hedge and into a field.
So sadly I had to do the rest of the driving.
We had taken Rummikub with us, and were delighted to find one of my friends three daughters home.
She had just returned from a trip to Africa and Rummikub is her favourite game!
So she delayed going home to catch up with some sleep and give the Teens a game or two!
(Apologies to my friend for just catching her giving the Teens a cup of tea!)
What bliss it was to sit in front of a woodburner that I had not had to prepare and smell a roast dinner I had not made.
My friend has a small orchard out the front and sent the Teens out to collect some for me to bring home.
There were plenty of fallers....
...and soon they had collected a box full of precious  bounty for me to fill my freezer with.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner, followed by apple crumble and Eve's pudding...yum!
The cream was from a local the cutest little bottle ever!
Teen Two had fun with the dog...
...who was more than happy to have so much attention bestowed upon him!
It was rather like being with another lab that we know, the evening was a constant torrent of "get down....leave that alone....stop that...on your bed....out of the dishwasher...."
as the dog did its best to scavenge anything that was vaguely edible!
When we arrived home I had an email waiting for me, sadly Hubby's cousin's husband, who we learnt the other week has brain cancer, has been told he only has around six months to live.
Last week they were given a treatment plan and the wife was relieved they felt it was something they could gave her some hope...but today the news is very different and needless to say she is devastated.
They are a very close unit and their two daughters will be equally as devastated.
We will make extra special efforts to "be there" which is about all we can do at a time like this.
She knows we pray for them and those prayers for strength and courage to face the days ahead will never be more so needed than now.
It was a sad end to a happy day.
"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"



  1. It sounds a lovely day!!!! What a shame about the sad news very difficult to cope with that sort of situation.xx
    I will send you an e.mail that just cheer you up!!!xx

  2. I don't know which lab you might be talking about!!

    1. Funny that, I thought it might sound rather familiar!