Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Minor Calamity

This morning I  awoke to Hubby coming to tell me there had been a disaster in the kitchen overnight!
The fridge door hadn't been closed properly and the light had therefore been on all night, and gave out such a heat it melted the butter and warmed up everything that was on the top shelf...and guess what I keep on the top shelf...the most perishable things ( fresh meat aside!)
Yogurts, cold meat for sandwiches etc all felt warm to the touch, so there was nothing for it but to throw it all away.
Room temperature may have been ok for the yogurts but being warm would have allowed unfriendly bacteria to grow, so it wasn't worth it.
I hate to waste food, but it probably only amounted to around a fiver, so it was better that than make everyone ill.
There was a lot of mess to clear up as well, somehow the butter had got knocked over and dripped everywhere.
Hubby has had a clear up but I have noticed a few bits during the day so will have to empty the fridge tomorrow and give it  a good clean out.
I have decided to rearrange the fridge, putting the drinks on top, they wont come to any harm if we make the same mistake again.
The chicken for today's dinner was at the bottom and was very cold to the touch, so we felt happy to cook that.
We have searched on Amazon and there are fridge door alarms available for a reasonable price, so we will invest in  one, as this isn't the first time we have had this happen.
The problem really is the fridge door  is much heavier than our last one, so a standard "push" to shut it doesn't always do the job.
So, that wasn't the best start to the day, but a minor calamity in the grand scheme of things.
I have had a head cold most of the week ( caught from Hubby no doubt) and didn't feel right most of the day, but managed to get the roast dinner done and cleared up.
But during the afternoon  I didn't feel myself, took my temperature and it was 33, not the usual 36....not wonder I didn't feel right!
I had a lie on the sofa with a hot drink and blanket to try and warm myself up.
I went up one degree and after an hour joined in the family with a game of Rummikub.
I gathered enough energy to get some tea together but then couldn't face going out in the cold.
So whilst everyone else has gone to church, I have had a hot bath to try and warm up my bones, which feel like they are in the Arctic right now!


  1. Bless - I hope that you are feeling better today. I have the opposite problem with my fridge - the temperature control is easily knocked and its not unusual to find things frozen. Last week a bottle of shloer exploded ! Look after yourself xx

    1. Bad designs aren't they! Ooo err to the shloer!