Friday, 9 September 2016

Zany Zebra's On The Loose!

Today was a "take it as we find it" kind of day, with no particular plans, just one or two ideas simmering in the back of our minds.
With the weekend food having been bought at Lidl's...and may I say, a rather smart Lidl's, our local one (which is quite new) has been given a looks great, but a bit frustrating having to find everything, it was time for a sit down with a cuppa.
Teen One was surrounded by books....
...Teen Two was playing with the gerbils...
..and for the first time since we have been home, I did some crocheting!
I had forgotten to take the cream wool with me, so played catch up this morning.
Hubby had hoped to visit the Mary Rose exhibition this afternoon...there was a free section of artefacts, but he discovered only limited bookings were available and had all been taken sadly.
So, instead we headed out to Southampton.
As we drove into town we saw this zebra...and knew for sure there would be others....
...and true enough there were, two were in  a park but I couldn't get a shot of them as we drove past...
..but the ones in the shopping centre were much easier to catch!
We didn't have time to check them all out, but the ones we saw did make us smile.
These  Zany Zebras are raising money for Marwell Zoo
As we walked through the shopping centre I saw my favourite pretzel shop....we first had them in the US and fell in love with them!
I was very good and didn't buy one this time.
Teen One and I popped into Cath Kidstone, where she saw this cute skirt!
It's lots of books,pens and pencils etc, and will be ideal for her school placements.
With so many colours in the design, it will go with lots of tops.
Don't you just love the jug of fresh flowers in the corner too!
This was one swanky changing room!
She also tried on a dress in the same fabric, which looked really nice (well when you are a size 8 everything looks nice!)
She opted for the skirt though,  she didn't feel the dress sat nicely at the top, it was a bit baggy ( oh to wear a size 8 and it is baggy!)
I think she made the right choice anyway.
She likes the style of the skirt too and I said it would be easy to recreate, so she is excited to search for some fun/pretty fabrics for me to be let loose on with the sewing machine...and maybe...just might interest her in some sewing!
I can always dream!
After our shopping spree, we headed to Ikea for dinner.
As we had split up boys/girls, it was time to catch up on each others buys....for the boys it was a small drone...and I learnt today that not all drones have cameras!
This does not have a camera I am pleased to say, I wouldn't want the neighbours to think we were spying on them!
Hubby indulged in a slice of Daim cake, which came complete with a mini Daim bar!
I have to confess to having a slice of apple pie...but I did have a kids meal of butternut squash korma with brown that makes it a bit better....doesn't it??
From there we headed out to Winchester for a young peoples Bible study session of
the fruits of the spirit.
I don't usually make these sessions as I am clearing up from Friday Club, so it was nice to be there...even if I did feel rather old!

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